I have a habit that I want be able to keep track everything I have done - like book I have read, city I have gone, and, Netflix TV Shows or Movies I have watched.

GoodNetflixs, it like Goodreads, but for Netflixs ~


actress, caption, and celebrities image Image removed
The House Bunny ~ Rate: 3/5
quotes, netflix, and someone great image
film, movie, and someone great image break up, quotes, and netflix image
Someone great ~ Rate: 5/5 (I love movies which give me a good cry)
quotes, movie, and the help image quotes, netflix, and the help image
emma stone, the help, and movie image
The Help ~ Rate: 4.5/5
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Charlie's Chocolate Factory ~ Rate: 4/5
after, black, and book image after, beautiful, and black image
after, couple, and hessa image
After ~ Rate: (personally) 2.5/5; (but when you watch it with your bff) 6/5
better, Get, and hard image zoey deutch, set it up, and glen powell image
Set it up ~ Rate: 3/5
tangled image
Tangled (yeb) ~ Rate: 3/5

I will soon update this list soonnnnnn