Hello beautiful reader,
Can you just imagine with me if this was Men's world only? like no women!
A world without women, what do you think it will look like?

Men's world are full of Cruel, and whatever they do and how much they're srong meantally and physically they'll always need women..

women and girls are full of tenderness and kindness and softness, every cruel solid thing need softness sometimes it can't be always all that solid and strength and the fact is the world is nothing without us (women).

Man always need tenderness, someone to hear him and give him care and love so in the beginning he love his mother for how tender she is and for the love she gave to him, also he love his sisters cause the also give him care and pure love so he always need love like his mother gave to him and the care his sister gave to him so always he wants tenderness.. so whatever how Strong and huge man can be he'll always need a woman in his life.. at least he'll fall in love once!

most cruel and strong we heard about they was havin' a woman in their lives. politicians, philosophers, writers, army men.. etc.

the truth is god created all of us different and he created men and women to complete each other Cause both of us in need to each other and all of us are always in need to feel safe with someone who respect us and love us as we are..

at the end let me recommend a song for james brown..


i hope youu enjoyed the article, thank you for reading..
with all my love, xoxo.