The monsters inside me,
They never stop going.
I'm never free.
They're constantly growing.
Just when I think I'm happy,
I get stuck in the black pit.
I become so snappy,
I go into a depression fit.
I'm trying so hard to change,
But the voices in my head always remain.
I can't get unstuck,
Maybe it's just bad luck.
I wish I was different,
Wish I was normal.
Maybe then I'd be less torrent,
Cause a lot less quarrel.
Trying to figure out who I am,
Is so much harder than it seems.
But giving up now I'd be damned.
I'm holding on by the seams.
As I try not to fall apart,
I wonder when it began to start.
When did it all go wrong?
Have I really been stuck for so long?
All these realizations,
And I can't even hold a conversation.
But then, how can it end?
If I never talk,
I will never mend.