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So today was a cool day! Not gonna lie. I went and had lunch with my grandma and my mom, we ate some Mexican food once again because we went to the same place and honestly I had such a great time. Also, she gave me my birthday present, that even though it is 4 months later, I really liked it. Don't you love going out and hang out with your grandma? It is literally gossiping all day long and laughing 24/7 at random stories of her youth. Grandmas are awesome.

Also shoutout to Ale (a guy in my French Class) for wearing a green hoodie with the hood on for the whole class. He looked like a lizard and made me laugh a lot.

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Day 11: Does Religion play a role in your life?

So RELIGION. A topic I try to avoid at all costs because it is just too tiring to explain my point of view when you live in a community of believers. My mom always says that No one should talk about politics or religion because everyone has different opinions and no middle ground. I guess it does make sense.

So, I studied in a Catholic school where religion was actually a formal two hour class where you studied, guess: everything that had to do with religion. You started to see a lot of theory during middle and elementary school and when you reached high school it became more of a debate class and much more interactive. I think the goal of my school is that you have the bases since you are a kid so you can argument and defend your religious faith when older.

Something you need to know about me is that I try to understand and know about everything. I am a person who buys history books for fun. for crying out loud! I prefer a documentary over a tv show and I watch channels like Crash Course for fun...A complete NERD. I say all of this because I always try to understand the root and the logic behind everything and it doesn't help that I am curious as fuck.

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Anyway the first time I questioned religion was with the typical ultra-atheist question of: if God loves us then why is there bad in the world and why are people dying in Africa? (Take into account that I was in 5th grade). I went to my religious coordinator's office and she responded: all you need to know is that God loves you and he wants us to help each other...um BTCH HOLD UP.

How am I supposed to help Africa like it isn't my fault it is not a fertile continent like what do you want me to do aside donate to charity that can't even solve the problem so they put bandaid-solutions? Then years later I found out that if the Vatican gave away all of their riches you could end poverty in Africa 3 mother fucking times.

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As time went on I started investigating more and more about the corruption of the church which is filled with nasty shit I am not going to talk about. Also the reason why we have a period in world history called The Dark Ages (aka The Middle Ages) was because the church used God against the people and pictured him as a punishing God. Basically the church had power over everything and therefore left the people to be ignorant and stupid so they could be controlled easily...dude OMG! Conclusion: the church was like a dictatorship, wow interesting.

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And as I went investigating more and more I drew away from my church and my faith because I couldn't understand anything. I was really lost back then.


I achieved and amazing conclusion in sophomore year: I HAVE faith but I just don't believe in the church. Which is completely normal nowadays with Catholics and the church. It is incredible how people are drifting apart from the "Holy Institution" and just staying with their Faith.

Still I was a little conscious about all this, something just didn't fit in entirely. So I draw a second conclusion: I do not feel identified with religion per se but I do believe in something superior.

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Here is where I stand nowadays. I have faith and believe that there is something way bigger than all of us that created this entire shit show that is life. But...do I know what it is? No, I don't. It could be God, the same universe, energy, call it whatever you want, but I just don't feel the need to know what it is. And if I am being honest I don't think that that something wants recognition or worshipping from its creation, just mere gratitude and appreciation would be enough for it.

I identify as and Agnostic which means that I can't either deny or affirm the existence of God. I don't believe there is enough proof to say what is and not true.

And that is why I love this in between I get the best of both worlds but with the conclusion that there is something. With the faith that there is something watching over us somehow

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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