Everywhere I go, there is some kind of movement, on adverts, on the radio, in newspapers, on social media...this is all great but no one really thinks of it twice.

We are told to love every part of ourselves, stretch marks, teeth, every 'imperfection'...but is it necessary?
I was watching a Kristin Leo video on YouTube, which is what inspired me to write this article, also with the fact that I haven't written an article in many months.

I don't understand why it is so necessary to love every part of yourself, just don't disrespect and abuse parts of yourself. Your body is your temple and you should try and treat it as best as you can, but you don't need to constantly tell yourself you are beautiful.
I feel that it is almost narcissistic or vain if you are constantly complimenting yourself.

There is also the constant pressure to love yourself all the time, and if that becomes the new normal, it might make people scared when they don't like a certain part of themselves.
What, who, how you treat yourself is your decision. If you don't love yourself or if you aren't the most body positive, that's fine, it's normal and we shouldn't have to love ourselves just because of societal pressures. It is a process and it takes time.

The bottom line is to respect and treat yourself well, slowly learning to love yourself more. Body positivity isn't always positive, don't give in to the pressures of society.