hi! today i'll do an "alphabet playlist" hope u like it

a is for

american // lana del rey
Temporarily removed money, lana del rey, and dollar image
you're way ahead of the trend ge-get it

b is for

bang bang // ariana, nicki & jessie
Mature image ariana grande, bang bang, and ariana image
it's dripping on wood

c is for

cuando nadie ve // morat
Temporarily removed frases, frases de canciones, and morat image
si me preguntan por ti

d is for

dollhouse // melanie martinez
bedroom, crazy, and fashion image dollhouse and melanie martinez image
one day they'll see what goes down in the kitchen

e is for

eyes wide open // sabrina carpenter
girl, eyes, and green image sabrina carpenter image
this dream burns inside of me

f is for

fantasma de amor // selena gomez
photography image Temporarily removed
voy a reír y a soñar

g is for

genius // lsd
aesthetic, code, and glow image audio, blue, and colors image
what, what you say?

h is for

high by the beach // lana del rey
rose, beach, and flowers image lana del rey, high by the beach, and indie image
all I wanna do is get by by the beach

i is for

ilomilo // billie eilish
aesthetic, colorful, and colors image Abusive image
said I couldn't love someone

j is for

just give me a reason // p!nk
yellow, crush, and aesthetic image quotes, broken, and bent image
there's nothing more than empty sheets between our love

k is for

kitchen sink // twenty one pilots
alternative, grunge, and sad image Temporarily removed
leave me alone

l is for

last hope // paramore
beauty, princess, and sad image aesthetic, grunge, and quotes image
and when it's dark out and no one's around it keeps glowing

m is for

mi gente // j balvin, beyoncé & willy william
beautiful, girls, and hair image Temporarily removed
he say my body stay wetter than the ocean

n is for

no se va // morat
Image removed love, frases, and goals image
quédate una y otra vez,

o is for

o helga natt // nils bech
Temporarily removed grunge, night, and dark image
O helga natt, du frälsning åt oss gav

p is for

part of me // katy perry
quotes, what if, and blue image katy perry, part of me, and Lyrics image
this is the part of me

q is for

¿qué ganas? // morat
black, style, and blackpink image Temporarily removed
fuimos los dos

r is for

rosa de barro // osvaldo montes
Image by ♔ELZA♔ Image by larksings
una rosa del mal, una rosa del sol soy yo

s is for

shake it of // taylor swift
cosplay, costume, and dragon image Taylor Swift and singer image
heartbreakers gonna break

t is for

the crush song // twaimz
Image removed love, quotes, and please image
your love is my drug, can´t you see?

u is for

un año // sebastian yatra & reik
beautiful, fragile, and pale image frases, bye, and desamor image
mil kilometros se restan

v is for

videogames // lana del rey
pink, pastel, and game image grunge, pale, and lana del rey image
it's you, it's all for you

w is for

wasted time // skid row
quotes, sad, and alone image quote, grunge, and time image
and the horse stampedes and rages

y is for

youth gone wild // skid row
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
we're standin' tall, ain't never a doubt

z is for

zero // imagine dragons
alternative, art, and car image zero, imagine dragons, and dan reynolds image
let me tell you what is like to be a zero

hope you liked it and if you don't know any song of it, you should listen it, they're really good, a little bit different because of the spanish and norwegian

have a nice day :)