welcome back my lovely sweethearts and sweet hearters! โ™ก

here are my tips for feeling like a whole new person:

step one: get in the mood for greatness

if someone asked me what music is and why people listen to it i would probably say:

"music is a direct way of communicating with the soul."

the synergy of melody, beat and lyrics can shift you energy, it can change your mood to the point you become euphoric.

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so a playlist with mood boosters and motivational songs is just the right thing to get me back to being productive.


  • 212 - azalia banks
  • no duh - k.flay
  • primadonna - marina
  • it takes more (bloodshy main mix) - ms. dynamite
  • bulletproof - la roux

"dance party by my own" - jumping around like crazy, being my own best friend & having lots of fun: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/49HAHZzmfpxKoJwKbr9fAF

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"get magic done" - upbeat songs to get you in the mood for getting shit done: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4K8WyDfNEEii1v4c4sS83I

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a new playlist in general feels always like a little fresh start to me, providing new music that might influence me to have a different mindset and mood...
change is magical.

step two: get inspired

the right quotes can grow your confidence a little greater, let your soul shine a little brighter and push your motivation a little higher.

psychology inside information: people who believe that they have an "internal locus of control" - meaning they think the outcome depends on their attitude and how hard or smart they work - achieve better results, have higher levels of motivation AND have more fun working on challenging problems.

i also find articles to be very inspiring when they actually offer me new information and perspectives. but i have to admit that i feel like many articles with tips don't do anything for me, i just scroll through them, read the same tips i've heard a hundred times before (like "drink more water". like drinking water has ever solved any problems.) and that can actually be quite a waste of time.

my personal recommendations to get you highly inspired to evolve as a person are these little gems:

step three: start a journal

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journaling can support all parts of your life:

  • your organisation
  • your mental health and self care
  • your planning for the near future and your big goals
  • aspirations and affirmations
  • recording your life
  • scribbling down and exploring new ideas
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and you can really create an individual system fitted to your needs.
it can be a habit tracker, a diary or a bullet journal...

step four: create a new look for yourself

nothing let's your confidence skyrocket like showing off a new style change that you're really like.

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this can include...

  • getting a fresh haircut
  • colouring your hair
  • trying new hairstyles like braids
  • composing a bold new outfit
  • wearing different make up than you usually did
  • or not wearing make up at all...
a truly confident girl doesn't need make up.
a real girlboss is proud of her natural face and is ready to rebel against the beauty standards that are imposed on her.

not that wearing make up makes you less of a feminist or something.
it's your decision. so don't let it be influenced by the media and the opinions of others ;)

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step five: decluttering your phone

your smartphone is probably the one thing you reach for all the time, so you'll see it everyday if you make some changes there.

i recommend:

  • changing your lockscreen and wallpaper (having your timetable as lockscreen can be helpful)
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you can use neutral pics like those and edit your personalized quote on it :)
  • maybe getting a new eco-friendly case (or use an old one again)


  • delete unnecessary apps, especially time consuming games
  • get some new life-improving apps like...

--> daylio - the best mood & habit tracker i've ever used

--> peak - gives you quick games to stimulate your brain

--> ankidroid - make your own flashcards for studying

--> sleep cycle - get an alarm according to your sleep cycles and track your sleeping habits

--> curiosity - gives you articles to expand your knowledge

--> brilliant - quick math problems to exercise abstract thinking

--> life rpg or lib - give you little fun tasks to beat boredom

--> mindzip - a collection of motivational flashcards

bonus: having a really good period tracker will also make your life easier and better :)
i have a wonderful one called "maya" which let's you track symptoms and moods and calculates future recurrences.
and another app i think every girl needs is "hormone horoscope" because it gives you a detailed explanation on how your hormones influence your life, when you will feel how and why. really helpful for scheduling dates and even school presentations, a must have! :)
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step six: re-arrange and decorate your room

changing your environment will ultimately change you as well.
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  • get a flower or other plant
  • print inspiring pictures and frame them (-> visionboard)
  • hang some of your own photos on the wall
  • get a fairy light
  • get a sweet candle holder and scented candles
  • print out your favourite quotes and hang them over your desk
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find material for a diy visionboard here:

it's time to bring some new creative flow into your room.

extra tip: consider the influence of your media environment as well - are the videos you're watching and the pictures you scroll through really contributing value to your life?
changing what information you're consuming daily can make you a different person. probably a better one, smarter, more conscious and not as brainwashed.

i wrote some tips on mindful media consumption. as you are right now using the internet i think you should definitely read this! ;)
here are some really good channels that provide valuable content โ™ก

step seven: set your signature scent

"Every woman needs her signature scent."
- Coco Chanel

well, you don't really need anything, that's for sure.
but having a go-to perfume for everyday makes things easier for you and makes your "aura" more memorable to other people.

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right now my favourite is the red as well as the dark blue perfume by rituals.

you don't need to go out and buy a new expensive perfume for this step.
it can be a deodorant or perfumed lotion as well.
there's this nice rituals hand lotion with cherry blossom scent and everyone keeps asking me what this delicious smell is.
my hand lotion, duh.

step eight: establish killer habits

"We are what we repeatedly do."
- Aristotle

daily habits for your HEALTH// glowing up physically

  • going outside for 20 minutes
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  • cook wholesome and natural meals for yourself
  • or learn cooking and inform yourself about nutrition first
  • do yoga and stretching exercises
  • get sweating once in a while
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  • don't look at screens (phone, tv, pc, ...) after 7 p.m.
  • get some quality sleep - best is about 7 to 9 hours
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daily habits for INSPIRATION // glowing up mentally

  • try something new regularly, go to new places, start new hobbies
  • buy or borrow some interesting books, fiction or non-fiction
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  • learn how to meditate and practice it for at least 5 minutes daily
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  • download an educating podcast to listen while commuting or cleaning (check out blinkist for non-fiction book summaries and the free podcasts on spotify)
  • study early and don't fall prey to procrastination
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  • spend time with good friends as well as new people and of course your family :)
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find more killer habits here:

the easiest way to integrate as many good habits as possible is to have a daily morning & evening routine, find inspiration here:

so that's my masterplan for starting an awesome new chapter of your life!

i wish you a great start in the new school year, you will slay this year like a real girlboss, i believe in you! โ™ก
xx, a random girl from the internet
simply human
simply human


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