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So today was an amazing day like seriously it was so great. I organized myself a lot and even made cute calendars.

Shout out to Machu who sent me this extremely cute and long-ass message with her opinion on every single one of my articles and that was so sweet because she is super busy at the moment. Shout out also to Mema because she stayed with me until late hours to hear me vent and helping me out with the most STUPID SHIT ever (read: an awesome essay that doesn't work anymore).

Please keep sending your positive vibes my way and to Mema cuz she is taking the SAT this week!

Day 10: Do you believe in the zodiac?

Okay so the mysterious and taboo filled world of the Astrology and the Signs! Here is the thing, if you don't believe in the Zodiac Signs is probably because of a misconception of getting this word tangled with Horoscope. You see, even though these words are based in the same area of study it doesn't mean they are the same.

The Zodiac is compound by 12 Sings. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. (They fall into categories that are Air, Earth, Water, and Fire signs) To make the story short, years ago, it was set that the Astrological Signs were the sectors of the starting vernal equinox, each sector is named after a constellation it passes through (there are 12 constellations named after the signs). During the Babylonian time Celestial Phenomena was related with human activity and so, each constellation the equinox passed by showed a different characteristics for the person born during them.

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For instance I am a Taurus (Earth Sign), I have read hundreds of characteristics about my sign and I also have an Astral Letter that describes every single aspect of my life and how, me as a Taurus, would react or act in said situations taking into account all of my personality traits. The Signs are a way for you to know yourself better in a personal way, it doesn't mean that all Taurus are the same but we all share some personality traits.

  • Extremely Stubborn.
  • Down to Earth.
  • Determined.
  • Full on perseverance.
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On the other hand the Horoscope is all about divinations and stupid magazine articles that "try" to predict what is going to happen to you in different parts of your daily life, such as: work, love, friendship and money. THAT IS BULL CRAP. Like, trying to lay out situations that have to be standardized to the 7 billion humans in this world is absolutely stupid, not everyone can fall into the same situations on their daily lives.

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In conclusion, yes. I do believe in Zodiac Signs, because honestly it is a science and in a way makes sense. Also because I feel identified with all the descriptions I have read over the years about my Sign. I do not believe in the horoscopes.

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Funny Anecdote: when they told my mom my expected birth day, which I believe was May 15. My mom bought a small sized book about Taurus which she read before my birth and afterwards to get an impression of how my personality was going to be like. She says it has been accurate everything she read.

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