i saw this trend going around on weheartit, a lot of people have been taking buzzfeed quizzes and i thought- why not do it? So here i am

let's start

1. Which animal are you?

I got: Owl

"You're quiet, chill, and unique!"

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hm ok buzzfeed

2. Everyone Has A Billie Eilish Song That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

I got: bury a friend

"you're a little bit dark, but you also enjoy having fun!"

billie eilish, album, and billie image billie eilish, music, and quotes image

3. Which "Frozen" Character Are You Based On The Songs You Choose?

I got: Elsa

"Although you often struggle to accept who you truly are, once you do you'll be a force to be reckoned with. You love your family fiercely and would sacrifice almost anything for them. You are powerful beyond measure — it's time to take control of your life back!"

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I always struggle to accept myself and i wouldn't say I'm in best terms with my fam man but go on

4. We Know Which Two "Stranger Things" Characters You're The Perfect Mixture Of

I got: Hopper and Steve

"You put on a brave face but when people get to know you, they discover that you are funny, caring, and reliable. People can always count on you to save the day."

steve harrington, stranger things, and joe keery image stranger things image
i always try to be there for people yeah funny reliable bla bla but i kinda feel naive like people always take advantage of that

5. How Much Do You Like School?

I got: Eh...

"It's not the best, but it's not the worst. You enjoy learning sometimes!"

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truee that kajsjd i hate school but honestly i like learning new stuff (just not the way the school system works)

6. If You Were In The "Twilight" Series, Would You Be A Human, Vampire, Or Werewolf?

I got: Vampire

"You are cool and collected. You're also not afraid to bare your teeth and fight for what you believe in."

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Uuuh wdym collected i don't thiiink so

7. We Know If You're Ariana Grande Or Billie Eilish Based On Your Style Choices

I got: Ariana Grande

"You have a sweet and unique personality, which everyone can't help but gravitate towards. You're a total dreamer, and will spend the rest of your life looking for love, success, and total harmony in this crazy world."

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kaksk i wouldn't say people gravitate towards me based on how many friends i have (like 1-2) but i would say I'm a dreamer yeah lol I'm a pisces after all

8. This Quiz Will Reveal The One Thing You Need To Add To Your Bucket List

I got: Go Scuba Diving

"With your curious mind and longing for adventure, do yourself a favor and explore the depths of the deep blue and witness a whole new world."

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i DO love adventures so much,,,,,traveling? discovering something new? trying new things? seeing magnificent places? sign me tf up

9. Everyone Is A '90s Rock Band — Find Out Which One You Are

I got: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

"You're the life of the party! Don't let anyone tell you different. You'll stand the test of time because there is no one like you."

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umm,,,actually I'm awkward at parties

10. Are You Octavia, Clarke, Or Raven From “The 100”?

I got: Octavia

"You are ambitious, cunning, and a warrior."

the hundred, octavia, and the 100 image the 100, octavia, and marie avgeropoulos image
pottermore says I'm gryffindor so i guess i do have some bravery in me it just hasn't shown YET ha ha

11. Are You A Fairy Or A Mermaid?

I got: Fairy

"Like the small-winged creature, you are kind and polite. You dream big, and hope for an amazing future. You have dreams of flying, and like airplanes and helicopters."

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hm ok

12. Which Member Of Queen Are You?

I got: John Deacon

"You're a bit on the quiet side and don't feel the need to bask in the spotlight."

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

13. What Type Of Girl Are You?

I got: Funny

"You're hilarious! You love to make jokes and make everyone laugh."

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idk, if my awkwardness is funny...

14. We Can Predict Your Future Based On Your Favorite Things

I got: You'll be rich and famous
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haha hope you're right buzzfeed

15. Take This Color Test And We'll Reveal Your Moral Alignment

I got: Neutral Evil
study, quotes, and text image text, funny, and quotes image

16. This Quiz Will Reveal What % Emo You Truly Are Inside

I got: 100% Emo
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ha ha ha okk you got me

17. We Know If You're More Compatible With Jungkook Or Jin

I got: Jin

"You value kindness above all else, so Jin is the perfect guy for you! He can cook for you too — what's better than that?"

bts, jin, and seokjin image bts, jin, and seokjin image
my man jin

18. It's Time To Find Out If Your Personality Matches Beyoncé Or Rihanna

I got: Beyonce

"You're the definition of fierce and a force to be reckoned with. There's no one on your level and your talent is unmatched. From your voice to your dance moves to your personality, you are undeniably flawless."

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my talent is unmatched? oh boyy that talent must be too hidden even i can't find it

19. This Dessert Quiz Will Reveal What Your Secret Power Is

I got: Invisibility

"You can disappear whenever you want! This is an awesome power to have."

invisible, quotes, and sad image daniela yohannes and painter of the invisible image
yeah people around me tend to ignore me too much so i guess i already have this power

20. This Quiz Will Reveal Your True Personality

I got: Emotional

"You are in touch with your emotions and know how to express your feelings."

pink, emotional, and quotes image Temporarily removed

21. Respond To These Text Messages And We'll Reveal Your Worst Trait

I got: Stubborn
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i guess

22. Who Is Your Rockstar Boyfriend?

I got: Jim Morrison

"You two can be spotted on a road trip, in a cozy van, listening to his dreamy poems dedicated all for you. Oh you L.A. Woman, who are you?"

arte, belleza, and Collage image 60s, aesthetic, and art image
omg that is literally my dream

Soo, according to buzzfeed i am all personality traits at once ksdjjsk

anyways i hope you enjoyed this? thank you for reading

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