The Psychopath Test is a two word incomplete sentence test designed by psychologists in order to determine the mental state of the person completing it. This test was used on serial killers and people who had committed third degree felonies in the 70's.

serial killer and ted bundy image
The Psychopath Test as completed by Ted Bundy

In this article, I'm going to take this test myself as a unique way to make a self evaluation. Feel free to try it.

1. I feel ______________

milk, coffee, and cozy image water, feet, and photography image
at ease.

2. My mind is ______________

art, drawing, and grunge image heavy, my mind, and dickhead image

3. A good way to relax is _________

beach, summer, and friends image 90s, records, and 80s image
yoga/ music.

4. A person just isn't themselves when ______________

0, bitter, and black image girl, pool, and grunge image

5. It would be easy to ___________

diagonal, diner, and lighting image aesthetic, blue, and water image
stay dormant.

6. It's hard to express feelings of _____________

quotes, grunge, and cigarette image quotes, boyhood, and life image

7. The only thing that really matters in this world is ______________

Mature image Temporarily removed
positive contribution.

8. Things would be great if I could ______________

clouds, sky, and kids image beach, kids, and boy image
start over.

9. I've never ______________

amazing, cool, and miley cyrus image Abusive image
had sex.

10. I need ______________

friends, phoebe, and funny image Image removed
a purpose

11. I feel I have to ______________

yellow, aesthetic, and grunge image train, bridge, and harry potter image
keep moving.

12. A person is most helpless when ______________

hitler, dog, and bunny image rusia, stalin, and urss image
delusional of the true moral nature of their actions (couldn't write this in 2 words)

13. My mother was usually ______________

cartoon, tired, and sad image puppy and dog image

14. Most people think I am ______________

flowers, water, and pink image Temporarily removed

15. Marriage is ______________

love, hands, and art image disney, gay, and prince image
optional/ a human right.

16. I can't ______________

eye, eyes, and blue image black and white, art, and black image
stay present.

17. I wish I hadn't ______________

yuichi nakamura, hyouka, and houtarou oreki image Image removed
overworked myself.

18. It's easy to get in trouble when ______________

eyes, sad, and cry image lsd, drugs, and acid image

19. When I was a child I felt ______________

cartoon, cat, and beach image Temporarily removed

20. I want to know why ______________

Temporarily removed book and donnie darko image
about everything.

21. I am ______________

quotes, pink, and words image black, couple, and education image

22. Drugs are ______________

american horror story, drugs, and evan peters image art, cocaine, and grunge image
interesting/ not therapy.

23. Worse than being lonely is being ______________

Temporarily removed art, bacon, and Chicken image

24. Women are ______________

feminism, black and white, and girl power image zoe saldana, Scarlett Johansson, and karen gillan image

25. I hate ______________

black lives matter, justice, and injustice image police image

26. When frustrated I ______________

netflix, disney, and princess image netflix, room, and bed image
watch Netflix.

27. The thing I remember about my father is ______________

Temporarily removed Image removed

28. In the future there will be ______________

earth, pride, and youth image endangered image

29. Compared to most families, my family ______________

gravity falls, family, and soos image Temporarily removed
was functioning.

30. What excites me is ______________

coffee, city, and book image love, love rosie, and lily collins image
new situations.

31. I don't like people who are ______________

antiracism, Fascism, and germany image hitler, trump, and Nazis image
close minded.

32. I think most girls should ______________

quotes, clothes, and wear image confidence, magic, and sign image
gain confidence.

33. My greatest weakness is ______________

Image by Grace Temporarily removed
excessive worrying.

34. Some day I will become ______________

Image by Eurydice
a cognitive scientist.

35. I wish I could lose the fear of ______________

society image quotes, words, and life image
being judged.

36. I was proud of myself when ______________

Temporarily removed fit, fitness, and girl image
I won an international race.

37. I couldn't live without ______________

book, bun, and girl image Image removed
writing/ expressing myself.

38. Tests like this are ______________

funny, jokes, and memes image drugs, dinosaur, and funny image
A bittersweet collection of brain farts that smell almost- but not quite- like vanilla perfume at the far end of a schoolyard, on a december night many years ago. It's gen z attention span appropriate <3

Love always,