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Recently I've grown to really like horror movies and for that reason on top of an hour long conversation me and my friend group had on who out of us would survive in a horror movie I decided to do this tag.
Hope you enjoy!


☠️ Basics:

Name: Rachel
Nickname: Rach
Age: 19
Zodiac: Scorpio

☠️ Appearance:

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Shoulder length brown hair, heterochromia (one eye blue and the other green), ear piercings and two nose piercings, white skin and a fit body.

☠️ Style:

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☠️ Personality:

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Sarcastic, impulsive, adventurous, brutally honest, curious, logical, would do anything for her friends, the one who tells everyone it is a awful ideia but still goes out of curiosity.

☠️ Quotes:

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-"We are probably going to die aren't we?" ... "Then I'm coming, I'm not letting you idiots die on your own"
-"I can't help that I'm fascinated by murders!"
-"One thing is seeing the place and another one is messing with things! I'm not trying to take ghost home as a souvenir"
-"Whatever it is that is after us is not human and it won't stop until we make it stop"

☠️ Genre:

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Horror, paranormal

☠️ Era:

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☠️ Villain:

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A demon that hunts the place she visited
  • This demon starts messing with the group when they enter the house but it's not until they find the secret basement and start messing with stuff that the demon of the women who died there started threatening their lives and killing them. The demon took a human like form that trapped them in the house, it could appear and disappear as it pleased and would try to lure in the ones she found alone.

☠️ Setting:

courtyard, forgotten, and manor image abandoned, building, and couch image
A haunted house
  • The setting is a haunted house right out of town, it is a huge house were several decades ago a murderer of a young women happened, the house was well know since the girl who was murdered was never identified and neither was her killer or the way she died. It was bordered up after kids came out of their with strange injuries.

☠️ Weapon:

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The only weapon she uses is a metal tube she found in the house and used to try and hit the demon.

☠️ Friends/ Solo:

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With her friends of course
  • It was one of her best friends who had the idea of exploring the abandoned house knowing it's history, the group was divided at first half of them wanted to go and the other half thought it was an awful idea. Rachel was the one who took the most convincing since she didn't like to mess with the paranormal but with her fascination for crimes she gave in not letting her friends do something stupid without her.

☠️ Love Interest/ Solo:

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She starts of not having a love interest but during the events of that night when she taught she and childhood her best friend weren't making it out alive Rachel confessed to him how she felt. After they both made it out alive and stayed together.

☠️ Dumb Decision:

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Rachel volunteered herself to go back and look for one of her friends who had stayed behind on her own knowing she shouldn't.

☠️ Dead/ Survivor:

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She was one of the four survivors (out of ten that entered the house), she was badly injured after she went back alone but still made it out alive.