Tears rolled down your cheeks as you told me you are involved with someone else.
In that moment there was silence and yet there was so much noise.
I did not say a word yet I thought so much.

After that moment our hugs became less tight.
Not because we stopped caring for each other.
But because I started to build my wall up again.

The kisses we shared became less passionate.
Not because I did not crave you and your kisses.
But because I knew someone else touched your lips with theirs.

It started to feel like I came in the way of something sacred.
As if I disturbed something that worked completely fine.
And that is the reason the moments we saw each other became rarer.

That moment change our whole relationship without us knowing.
You did not know what your words would change us.
And I did not know your words would cut in my old wounds reopening them.

And maybe our moment to be together was just not yet there.
And maybe our moment to be together was long gone.
But maybe… maybe our moment will never be…