1. How did you discover the show?

I watched it on TV and found it really cool, someday I just put the first ep online and fell in love with the show.
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2. Favorite female character?

Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce
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I'm Katerina Petrova, I'm a survivor.

3. Favorite male character?

Klaus and Elijah
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4. Least favorite male?

Kol and Tyler
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5. Team Stefan or Damon?

I love them both sm I can't choose
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6. If I were a vampire, would I drink human or animal blood?

I would drink a lot of human blood but I'd never kill anyone on purpose
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7. What is your favorite supernatural power?

Everything. Super speed, super hearing, super strength, but my favorite super power is definitely mind compulsion.
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8. If you were to be a Character from the show, Who would you be?

Elena, Of course, and have two perfect vampires in love with me ♥
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9. My favourite season(s) are?

3,4 ♥
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10. My favorite family?

The Michaelson Family
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11. My favourite male villain?

Idk why but I love Klaus since day one.
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12. My favourite female villain?

Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova
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13. My favorite ship/couple goals?

Delena just takes my breath away
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14. Favorite vampire when their humanity was off?

Stefan Salvatore, because he becomes a fxcking cool serial killer
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15. Unforgettable scene?

There is so many ones!!!!
3×14 - Damon dances with Elena on his house in front of the fire
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Give me love like her, cause lately I've been waking up alone
3x19 - Elena and Damon pillow talk and she asks him why he doesn't let people see the good.
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"Because when people see good they expect good, and I don't wanna live by anyone's expectations"
1x19 Damon and Elena dance for the first time
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4x23 - Elena says she's not sorry that she loves him
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"I'm not sorry that knowing you made me question everything. That in death you're the one who made me feel most alive."
2x08 - Damon hipnotizes Elena after saying he loves her, so she forgets it
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17. Favorite friendship

Of course Alaric's ♥♥♥♥
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18. Deaths I cried the most in while watching?

Liz Forbes, because Karoline crying was terrible :(
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19. My favorite friendship/duo?

Alarick and Damon
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20. What character(s) should not have died?

I think all of them died for a good reason

21. Favorite doppelganger?

Amara, Tatia, Katherine, Elena
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22. My crushes are?

Elijah, Klaus, Damon and Stefan.
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23. My favourite tvd quotes?

I made an article with all of them

24. Character who deserved better.

Stefan Salvatore, he's such a tortured soul
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25 Human or Vampire Elena?

Human Elena, I think she was less anoying lol

26. Human or Vampire Caroline?

Vampire Caroline, because imortality looks good on her
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