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1) what's the worst feeling you've ever experienced?

aesthetic, anxiety, and fashion image scream, grunge, and dark image
fear of being judged for everything I do

2) do you believe in after life?

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3) do you want kids? If so, how many and what would you name them?

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I really would like to have kids but I don't think that I'll be able to because the world is going nowhere and eventually it's gonna end sooner than we think but yeah, I would like to have two or three kids their names depend on their gender but If I have a son I really would like to name him Noah

4) what were some hobbies you had as a child and would like to pick up again?

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I used to draw and If I haven't given up, I would be really good at it now and I want to start to do it again I also used to train swimming

5) what was your childhood like?

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my childhood was amazing thanks to my family but I was a spoiled lil bitch

6) how do you picture your life in five years?

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well, I'll be 20 then so I hope to get into the university I want to. I'll love myself then because I'm working on self love now

7) describe your ideal boyfriend/ girlfriend

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character - supportive; someone who has goals and chase them; sweet; good boy; he is himself; kind; good listener; funny; doesn't try to be cool; he is open-minded; when we argue, he is trying to talk the things out instead of being a stubborn; loyal; he shares his goals or worries with me; he accept me the way I am and he doesn't want me to change; smart; he totally loves animals; he has interests, he is positive, he understands my jokes; careful;; appearance - as long as I like him, that's enough

8) do you like the person you are right now?

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not really, I want to have the courage to be myself which I'm not now

9) who's hiding behind the mask you present the world?

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a sweet girl who supports her family and friends; she acts with others the way they act with her; she is free to be herself and doesn't give a damn about others' opinion

10) do you prefer looks or brains?

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you can be the most beautiful person on the earth but that won't impress me if you are stupid or rude