Hello there and welcome to my second article! Today I'm gonna write about some things that no matter what people say, are absolutely normal things to do.


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Your tears aren't signs of weakness. Also, crying in public is not something that we should be ashamed of. Show the world that you have emotions! Nowadays, teens want to look as tough and heartless as they can, letting their true feelings eat them up inside. We all have to just let it all out sometimes... a good cry with a huge bar of chocolate helps a lot.

...not fit in!

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I just graduated from high school this May. Every morning I went to school feeling nauseous, thinking about what interactions I'm gonna have with the popular group and how can I make myself look cool in their eyes. Guess what? The second you all leave high school, everything's over. Even the popular kids don't speak to each other anymore. So don't sweat it! Why would you pretend to be someone else when it doesn't matter at all?

...say no!

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Following my previous thoughts, you don't have to be a yes man Jim Carrey. If you feel uncomfortable before doing something, and you feel like you're being pushed into doing it, just stop! I mean, don't abandon your responsibilities, but if something is optional / non-mandatory, you have the right to think about participating in it or saying no. It's your life, your choices.

I'm planning to write more about this topic if this article gets some feedback (and you'd like to read more about it) because I love spreading positivity! While the second part is in the works, check out my other article(s).♡