What are the things your character dislikes the most?


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She hates liars and lying. You don't want to lie her. Yeah she is little and slim, but she can get really angry.


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When Lara was in high school, some girls was gossping about her. One of them was her close friend, so she hates gossips.


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She hates when her room or her apartment is messy. Since her childhood she loves tidying.


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Yeah she loves Chrismas and hot chocolate, but she doesn't like snow and cold weather.


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It's little, noisy and it's flying and biting.

Dirt under her nails

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Lara's nails are always clean and varnished. They are never dirty. She hates when she has dirty nails.

Homophobia, racism and sexism

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And last things that she doesn't like are homophobia, racism and sexism. When she is with one of these people, she's mad and angry.

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