The care we have for each other reminds me of some sweet and warm tea; like those that have the gift of calming the soul and safeguarding the heart. Please don't let our tea cool down.

  Maybe it can get too sweet to sip sometimes, but with a little more water It will be fine. Just don't let our tea cool down.

  I don't think It's going to happen, but If, for some reason, It get a little bitter, we can add some more sugar to fix It. Just don't let our tea cool down.

  I know that nothing lasts forever and that one day It may eventually come to an end, but all that essence Is too harmonic to waste. Besides, It would be too cruel to feel It's heat fade away.

  So all I ask of you is to enjoy It until the last drop of our tea be left. So while It lasts, we won't know how would be the sad misfortune of feeling we let it cool down.

  - F.R.Flor