Hey you!! Hope you're having a great day so far. I've been keeping myself aware of the last trends for fall 2019 in makeup and fashion, so in this article I'm going to summarize some it here.I'll try to keep things brief.
After reading some articles I've realised that a lot of it are already things that we already know and see but I'm going to try to do a round up of the most important ones.

1-bare skin almost :

backstage, Couture, and fashion image backstage, design, and details image
On the runways models were barefaced or at least the makeup was almost unnoticeable showing off real skin.

2- Dare to be bold:

pearls, makeup, and aesthetic image backstage, design, and details image backstage, fashion, and hairstyle image backstage, fashion, and hairstyle image
the runways showed models with ornated faces either with pearls or studs or gold leaves or glitters for a more "subdued" effect.

3-Soft smokey eyes :

model, gigi hadid, and makeup image backstage, design, and details image
Smokey eyes are a true classic ! If you don't know what kind of makeup to do, a smokey eye is always a good idea but for fall 2019 it's a softer version that is "In" which gives a more lived in effect, grungy a bit romantic effect.

4-60's :

backstage, fashion, and look image
A modern version of the sixties makeup, especially the drawn bottom lashes and more over the cut creases and pastel colors.


Image by Nina Galdina milan fashion week, mfw, and fw19 image sara sampaio image fashion, fashion week, and girl image
Literally all the types of eyeliners were represented; the simple ones with the classic flick, the graphic ones or just the black liner in the lower waterline.

6- Monochrome:

Image by Jenny backstage, beauty, and design image
Quick,simple and yet so much impact. The same color on the eyelids, cheeks and lips and Voila you're good to go.

7-A bit of rouge can't hurt:

beautiful, colorful, and eyes image beautiful, colorful, and eyes image Image by Nina Galdina beautiful, colorful, and eyes image
Blushed cheeks has that power of making any face look fresh and youthful. A lot of versions were shown on the runways either a very subdued flush to the cheeks or a full on blushed cheeks with a draping effect.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Have a good one.
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