Staying motivated is for some people not easy. I am a person for example who is motivated at the beginning and really want to do it and after a few days I start slowly to think , that I do not wanna do this and stop it. But with these tips I want to help you and myself to stay motivated and to not stop until you finished the thing you are working on. These are for all kind of different things. Enjoy reading :).

Know what your goal is.
Say one thing you wanna do , really do without breaking it up. Not 10 different things you maybe want to achieve , but focus on one. Always have this goal in your mind , think about why you do it and what you would have if you did it. Do a plan if you need it and write the goal at the end of the plan , so you always see it.

2. Time .
I know the feeling , when you did something for a few days , but the motivation is slowly going , because nothing is really changing. Time , it takes time to see something change , for example when you started exercising or study now a lot for school. You won't have the perfect body after 5 days or even 3 weeks. You won't have an A* after you studied more for one test. It takes a while maybe to get to your goal , but when you are there you can be so proud, so don´t think „why am I doing this , nothing changed , I should stop“ , because it does in steps.

3. Don´t do too much at once.
If you start with full power and think yeah i´ll do everything today and double it by three so you make the most of it. Don't , after two days of using all your energy and doing everything at once , you will be tired and unmotivated , because you think , that you only did it for two days and still have so much coming. start with small steps and then do more and more every day , so you get used to it.

4. A plan.
Some people need a beautiful journal , which keeps them motivated , by drawing everything and write it down in it. If it helps you ,do it . Write down for every day , what steps you have to do , to achieve your main goal. Give it a tick , when you finished , it feels good to tick it , I swear ;). Maybe write your plan on a big piece of paper and stick it somewhere to see it when you wake up or somewhere you are often going by. And it is important that you think you do it for yourself and that you need to get it done , whatever it is.

5. little treat.
Give yourself a little treat . At the beginning write to your goal a little treat for yourself , if you stay motivated and get it done. To get treat yourself after you done something feels so good and it also keeps your motivation up.

I hope they helped you and you are now motivated to start something you need to do or you want to do. Read this here again if you need motivation. You can do it . I hope you liked it :).

xx Carla