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Signed To: KM Entertainment
Debut Date: August 12th, 2017
Fandom Name: The Pride

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Lightstick Sketch:

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KILLJOYS Social Media:

Instagram: killjoys_km
Twitter: KILLJOYS_9
VLive Series Name: KILLJOYS: Dorm Life

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[Experience the girls' dorm life as they go through a bit of chaos within the show.]

[67M Subscribers]
YouTube Red Series: KILLJOYS: From The Top

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[Six episode series about the girls' troubles from debut to current time.]

Fandom Colors:
- Red
- Black


- Cyberpunk/Steampunk
- Story Based
- Dark

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Music Video Story:
Yoonjin's character runs into Minji's character in a dream. The dream was about the cyberpunk world and a riot against the awful things they do to their people. Soon, it began reality. The town was called Scythe. Outside of the walls lived Jia and Jiyun. The girls all eventually meet up to start their riots and protests against Scythe.

Names & Stage Names:

Park Minji - Leona
Feng Jia - Sunna
Choi Yoonjin - Nyx
Yeon Jiyun - Lilith

Minji - Leader, Lead Vocals
Jia - Rapper, Sub-Vocals
Yoonjin - Rapper, Main Vocals
Jiyun - Vocals

Member Ages:
Minji: 24
Jia: 23
Yoonjin: 20
Jiyun: 25

Minji - Erratic, Fluent in English
Jia - Peppy, Light in the room (Sweetheart, basically)
Yoonjin - Silent during a lot of interviews, Loves the members, but doesn't show it.
Jiyun - The mom friend, overly protective

Face Claims:

Minji - Choi Yerim

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Jia - Chou Tzuyu

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Yoonjin - Chang Seungyeon

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Jiyun - Im Jin-ah

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Debut Album - KILLJOYS!!

Gum Pop

Theme: Just a very pastel, cutesty aesthetic until they released it might've been to mainstream and overdone.

Their fanbase wasn't large at this time.

2nd Album - Riot

Pistol Whip

Mini Album - Reaper

JOY KILL (Yoonjin Solo)
Bulletproof (Remix)

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