I am OBSESSED with skin care! I Have a pretty intense routine which I will cover later but right now for the last 30 days I have been trying out hemp infused beauty products A Day/Night Cream , A overnight mask , a facial mist, and lip balm. I love all things hemp ;) so I was excited when I went into Tjmaxx to scope out new beauty products for me to try. (Side note Tjmaxx has a lot of high end beauty products for cheap so My friends & I love to go and look for new things to try.) So as I searched the beauty aisle I found a bunch of hemp products id never seen before which gave me the idea to try only hemp beauty for the next month, so I bought a few things & boom here we are.

About my skin: Normal/Dry skin is a bit sensitive on the neck. My skin is pretty clear with minimal blemish scars from having acne in my early 20's. I avoid the sun haha seriously & overall I rarely have pimples. I am 29 now so I do use some anti-aging products.

My hemp beauty routine: AM- Wash face with gentle cleanser & sulfur soap apply witch hazel toner, spray with hemp facial mist,apply hemp day cream. PM- Wash face with gentle cleanser & sulfur soap apply witch hazel toner, spray with hemp facial mist, and apply hemp overnight mask. Also used my hemp chaps stick all day I usually stick to my staple strawberry chap stick. Products I used: Skin Renew Retinol Hemp Overnight Sleep Mask, Hemp+ my beauty spot Facial mist with Hylurolic acid, Eco Lips Hemp Vanilla, I do love that these products have two of my favorite skin care ingredients included I need that.

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Day 1: Starting out my skin is pretty good so I was skeptical if it could get any better but here we go.
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Day 15: I noticed my face is glowing more!
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Day 30: WOW!!! My skin is glowing so much more & I loveeee it.

So my thoughts on using hemp beauty products for the last month are why didn't I do this before? I really feel like my skin looks brighter and healthier than before. I felt like every day I would notice my skin looking a bit better. I also did get a pimple because of my period and it went away within 1 day! The chap stick left my lips really soft and moisturized I do like it but will also still use my fav strawberry chap stick. I am going to continue to use these products in my routine I also want to find a hemp toner and serum to see how using a complete range affects my skin. Overall I recommend you to try even one hemp product in your skin care routine, it will leave your skin moisturized and beautiful. Let me know what you think & checkout my website liveethereal.com

xo Jessica