Snacks don’t always have to be chips, cookies, and cake. They don’t always have to be unhealthy. Here are a few snacks that you can make at home. They are easy and quick to make in my opinion. Everyone deserves to enjoy a snack.

1. Fruit and Lowfat/ fat-free whipped cream. I especially love strawberries and whipped cream (maybe add dark chocolate if you like).

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2. Smoothies. Literally, blend as many fruits/veggies together. Add Greek yogurt to add protein in your smoothie.

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3. Nice Cream. Freeze bananas and other fruits, then blend them. The consistency and texture is similar to ice cream.

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4. Trail Mix. Add popcorn, nuts, dark chocolate, unsweetened coconut flakes and more to create your own trail mix! It’s a variety of nutrients and flavors and it will surely give you the energy you need!

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5. Hummus with veggies. Literally any vegetable will do. It doesn’t have to be hummus. It can be a healthy dip using different blends of herbs and vegetables (even fruits)! It can even be peanut butter with a fruit!

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6. Energy Balls. There are so many quick and easy recipes out there for you to try out! An easy one uses : dates, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, cinnamon, and cashews blended.

7. Granola Bars. We all know granola bars are so famous for being a snack. So many recipes out there for homemade granola bar. Just pic the one that you like!

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I know there are wayyyy more snacks out there. I stalk Instagram all the time hehe. It’s kind of overwhelming when you think of how many things you can make to replace ol’ chips, cookies, cake, etc. Seriously, the internet is a great place. You can find tons of easy recipes out there. Trust me, I’m looking for new ideas all the time, and if I find any, I will surely posts a lot of them on here to share with all of you!