Inspired by

1. Style

black, grunge, and outfit image Image removed selena gomez and selena image aesthetic, clothes, and clothing image
Comfy mixed with retro/vintage. Jeans, t-shirts, big jackets, sunglasses

2. Colors

headers, red, and rojo image confidence, quote, and yellow image dog, quote, and inspirational image Temporarily removed
dark red and yellow

3. Animals

Temporarily removed animal, giraffe, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
dogs, giraffes, wolves, penguins

4. Movies

Inspiring Image on We Heart It eddie, beverly, and it image Temporarily removed quotes, freak, and aesthetic image
IT and Girl,Interrupted

5. TV shows

netflix and the society image movie, quote, and words image Abusive image Temporarily removed
Supernatural, The walking dead, Grey's anatomy and The society

6. Food

Image by 鹿ノ子 food, pizza, and cheese image Temporarily removed cake, cheesecake, and chocolate image
Pie, pizza, potatoes and chocolate

7. Drinks

ice, refreshing, and cherry image party, shot, and drink image tea, autumn, and fall image coffee, drink, and aesthetic image
Sherley Temple, vodka, tea and iced latte

8. Music

band, music, and imagine dragons image nirvana, kurt cobain, and grunge image aesthetic, mtv, and pink image pulp fiction, movie, and uma thurman image
I love 90s music. Nirvana, Imagine dragons too.

9. Passions

book, aesthetic, and writing image act, red, and aesthetic image study, coffee, and laptop image book, candle, and autumn image
writing, acting, reading and creating things/working on projects

10. Goals

book, writing, and pen image quotes, pink, and aesthetic image Image removed Image removed
write a book, be a famous actress, help people (campaign or smth) , build a shelter for homeless animals

11. Personality

chat and red image quotes, black, and grunge image quotes, alternative, and grunge image pink, problem, and quotes image Image by Moon lover quotes, nicki minaj, and winning image
sarcastic, tired of people's bullshit, just do my thing, weird but in a funny way, night is my time, amBITCHious, must win

12. Shoes

orange, aesthetic, and grunge image boots, shoes, and black image shoes, aesthetic, and 90s image theme, shoes, and aesthetic image

13. Appearance

eye, makeup, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It big butt, black, and curvy image aesthetic, lips, and pink image
My eyes are between green and brown, curly hair with green ombre, not slim not fat

14. Humor

cat, salem, and funny image Temporarily removed Image by Moon lover Image by Moon lover Image by Moon lover Image by Moon lover
dark humor is everything

15. Mood

quotes, show, and grunge image quotes image movies, the simpsons, and simpsons image greys anatomy, christina yang, and gif image Mature image Abusive image