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My name is Beatriz

B- Better Now (Etham)

Cause I just wanna hold you close
But I just went and let you go
Mistakes are irreversible
So I think this might be better now
gold, vintage, and watch image actress, amazing, and beauty image green eyes, Jensen Ackles, and eyes image aesthetic, polaroid, and memories image

E- Empty (Olivia O'Brien)

I'm empty inside
I just don't feel alive
And I don't wanna live
But I'm too scared to die
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A- At Least I Look Cool (Sasha Sloan)

At some house I can't afford
Blacked out on the tennis court
Honestly I'm kinda bored
But at least I look cool
bad, cars, and aesthetic image Mature image Image removed party, alcohol, and drink image

T- To The Man Who Let Her Go (Tyler Shaw)

Tell me, how did I ever get so lucky
That she wasn't with somebody
So I could have ever for my own
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R- Ribcage (Plested)

Well that's why they call it a ribcage
To lock all of my feelings up
To make sure my heart never escapes
I'll never be the same if it does
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I- I Love You, Will You Marry Me (YUNGBLUB)

I love ya
Will you marry me
Oh what a shame we gotta pay for reality
Ain't it sad
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Z- Zero (Imagine Dragons)

But looking for the way of the ones before me
Looking for the path of the young and lonely
I don't want to hear about what to do
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