sorry i've been gone for so long, school makes me want to choke.

anyway, i saw an article on this tag and decided to do it. the rules are that you shuffle your songs, and the first song that comes up is the answer for that category.

this is the article I got the idea from:

a song that describes how I'll die
seven seas of rhye: queen

ocean, summer, and sea image Temporarily removed

song that describes how my love life will be
ghost of you: 5sos

Temporarily removed Image by sam

song that will play at my wedding
some: steve lacy

80s, mtv, and music image aesthetic, 90s, and vintage image
no lies detected.

add "In my pants" at the end of the title of this song
uproar (in my pants): lil wayne ft. swizz beatz

pink, aesthetic, and ribbon image Abusive image

song that will play at my funeral
don't watch me cry: jorja smith

aesthetic, glitter, and tears image fashion, shoes, and white image
catch me bawling in my casket.

a song that describes my week
i'm full: wallows

レトロ image girl, aesthetic, and dress image
very true.

my theme song
feeling lonely: boy pablo

pastel, aesthetic, and blue image aesthetic, pastel, and pink image
this isn't even funny anymore ouch.

song to listen to when I'm thinking about my crush
_cupid: ryan beatty _

rose, pink, and neon image red, aesthetic, and love image
i meannnn.

song to listen to when I'm missing someone
hell is where I dreamt of u and woke up alone: blackbear

Abusive image Temporarily removed
gtg cry xo.

my last article:

with love, Iliana.