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what grade are you going into?

i'm going into fourth year of high school out of five.

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what are you excited/nervous about for this year?

i honestly can't wait to start school again! i missed it a lot, the routine, seeing my friends and teachers, and studying in general. one thing i don't miss for sure is, though, the pressure that's put on us students. grades aren't that important after all, and the stress is useless.

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what is your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?

i really really love buying new school supplies, colorful notebooks, new pens and markers, and in general refining my aesthetic.

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what grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup?

second year of middle school; i just went full emo and i wore a lot of black eyeliner, very pale foundation and white highlighter.

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where do you get your inspiration from?

mostly from music, nature and feelings. i'm a sucker for aesthetic, so anything that feels good and looks good is a source for pleasure. i get inspiration from beauty as it is. my boyfriend has a huge role in this, lol. he's an angel. literally.

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what are three essentials you carry in your bag?

my mp4, a lot of food and many many markers.

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what is your favorite subject?

literature and philosophy.

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what do you wear to school?

black skinny jeans or baggy pants, a band tee or an aesthetic one, usually black as well, a flannel either over my tshirt or tied on my waist, a band hoodie, vans or combat boots. also i love aesthetic socks, i have plenty of those.

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have you ever skipped or ditched class?

hell yeah, fuck the authorities.

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