Who Am I?
By Bazzi
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"Who am I anymore? 'Cause really, I don't know All I wanted was to be something To be something But right now (but right now), I don't know (know)"
Talk to Me
By Cosmo's Midnight, Tove Styrke
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"If you don't wanna talk to me, talk to me 'Cause I'm bad at apologies So what do you want from me? If you don't wanna talk to me, talk to me"
Hard Times
By Paramore
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"(Hard times) gonna take you down and laugh when you cry (These lives) and I still don't know how I even survive"
No Way!
By Bazzi
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"I'm the same old kid with the high school dreams Got my eye on the prize, get it by any means"
I Don't Want Your Money
By Ed Sheeran, ft. H.E.R
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"Now, I'm not sayin' that I want another guy But I need you here for the good times, and the bad times Yeah, the pullin' out my hair gettin' mad time Not just when I'm in your bed on my back time"
Humble Beginnings
By Bazzi
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"Count up the bands, count up the digits All of us died, now all of us livin' (all of us livin', yeah) I pimped out my ride, call me Xzibit (yeah, yeah, yeah) I am a man from humble beginnings"
Soul Searching
By Bazzi
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"I don't step out the house, I be workin' On my 'Gram, on my 'Gram, they be lurkin' On my own, by myself, soul searchin', yeah Soul searchin', yeah"
By The 1975
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"And you're the only thing that's going on in my mind Taking over my life a second time I don't have the capacity for fucking You're meant to be helping me"
By Clario
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"Is it alright to feel this way so early? And in my blood, all the sweet nothings Fallin' in love over night"
By Clario
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"I think we could do it if we tried If only to say, you're mine Sofia, know that you and I Shouldn't feel like a crime"
Conversations with Myself
By Bazzi
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"Got a fancy car, we got a fancy crib And you couldn't even dream of the girl that you with"
Can We Go Back to Bed?
By Bazzi
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"Traveled thirty-six hours just to kiss you and hug you You're so far, and all I want is to touch you Smell your cheeks, you know the weird ways I loved you"
Be About You
By Winston Surfshirt
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"Don't know how I feel about you Got my hopes sunk and I keep on fantasizing and I"
Live Forever
By Bazzi
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"You're the soul, you're the breath that moves me Do you really wanna live forever? I feel like we gonna live forever"
Take Me Back to London
By Ed Sheeran, ft. Stormzy
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"Jet plane headed up to the sky (to the sky) Spread wings in the clouds, getting high (woo, woo) We ain't hit a rave in a while (in a what?) So take me back to London"