Caution! This article is healthy ;)

Good morning guys, today I wanna show you my healthy eating plan! Yeah for real. With only changing your mixed nutrition too a healty and balanced nutrition, you can lose a lot weight. Of cause at the beginning it ll be hard to resist the taste of chocolate and other calories filled sweet stuff, but it ll work! I promise! If you stay strong it ll work.

Ok let's start with breakfast!

orange MONDAY

orange, fruit, and food image
Drink some freshly squeezed orangejuice in the morning
fruit, food, and drink image
Cut up a ripe mango
fruit, banana, and pineapple image
And add some mellow banana and nice pineapple


blueberry, food, and fruit image
What about some blueberries?
grapes, fruit, and aesthetic image
There'll perfectly fit some dark grapes
black, fruit, and food image
And some blackberries


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Everyone loves watermelone ;)
strawberry, fruit, and food image
And strawberries
food, juice, and red image
Drink some nice blood orange juice


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Green apples are the best ones
cold, diet, and grape image
Green grapes ;D
kiwi, fruit, and green image
At least try the tingly kiwi juice

mixed FRIDAY

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that was about breakfast and yea i know it was only about fruits but thats not all!

For lunch and dinner you can choose by yourself what you want to eat. Main thing it is balanced. Make a nice meal with fish, meat, vegetables and drink much water. Thats all. Its not that difficult to eat healthy, try it. Lose weight is an natural effect of a balanced nutrition.

I'd love to hear your results, but you have to do that consistently!!

loving kisses