hi guys! I´ve been working on an article for you & it´s finally done! I have seen a lot of articles about the zodiac signs as greek goddesses, and I really love reading those articles! In this one you can read about the zodiac signs as different asa goddesses (the goddesses in Nordic Mythology). I really hope you like this article! <3

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Skade: She likes it best in the mountains and is the goddess of winter, a skier and archer that is hard to beat. She and her husband live apart because they are both attached to their own homes, but dislike each other


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Snotra: Snotra stands for judgment and an elegant radiance. It is from her everything about wisdom comes from


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Sjöfn: What she awakens can ignite the physical desire of both men and women


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Freja: the goddess of erotics, love and fertility. She cares deeply for mothers & children


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Ran: The goddess of the sea and the mother of the waves. She captures drowning men in her nets and takes them to the realm of death that she possesses


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Vör: No one can lie to her, because she is wise and questionable. When promises are made, she is the witness


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Idun: In a basket she stores the golden apples, which give eternal youth to the gods. Youth, love and fertility are what Idun represents


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Hel: She is the goddess of death. Half her body is blue like a corpse, the other has the color of the living. The underground kingdom that she rules over bears her name and everything is as gloomy as the goddess herself


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Gefjon: The goddess of the plow and Agriculture


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Frigg: She knows the fate of all people and gods, but it is not easy to get her to reveal something about it. Frigg is also the goddess of marriage and motherhood


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Saga: Saga is the goddess of storytelling and history. (Saga means story, in Swedish)


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Sif: She has golden hair and is the most beautiful of women. She is quiet and withdrawn

I did my best to fit the signs with the different goddesses, some signs were definitely harder than others. So if you don´t feel like your goddess is accurate to your sign, don´t take it super serious

but I really hope you enjoyed reading the article anyway. Don´t forget to check out my other articles. All love to you hearters, see you soon again <3

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