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i dont really know what to say.....

i mean what can i say about you?

it's been a while now hm?

i wonder what you're up to.

probably playing the game that we both cherish the most and the game that we used to love playing together hehe.

i really hope, wherever you are now, and whatever situation you are in now........ i really do hope you are well.

i really shouldn't be writing these stuff about you but im sorry my mind and heart is urging to let this out.

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i really just wanted to say im sorry for how things ended between us.

im sorry if i wasn't perfect for you.

im sorry if i lacked what you needed.

im really sorry C.

its stupid of me to still think about you on some nights.

you will never find this and i hope it stays like this.

its been several months now C.

i wonder what life has been for you.

you know i really missed our conversations,

you were so mature, one of the things i loved about you.

i could never get tired of talking to you.

i had always loved your family.

ahh, what a cute little family.

you know i still have a picture of them.

never deleted it, dont think i ever will.

because.....losing that pic
is like losing another part of you C.

and i know, i know i should have already moved on.

but its not easy C

when thoughts linger around in your mind.

what am i supposed to do?

i bet your so happy where you are right now in life.

and look, i could still text you and pop up a "hey"

but no, thats not how it works right? i cant just go back to you like nothing ever happened.

you know, Charles sometimes i really want to go back to you.

but i cant. its too late now.

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it hurts.

i wonder if i never said 'yes' to your question....would we still be friends and keep talking right now, this second???

nights like this, i just miss you so much but why cant i fully understand that things will never be the same.

i guess this is all i just have to say, Charles Nansen Walker.