hey everyone! I recently started seriously working out and eating healthy, and I can definitely see the changes! so here are some of my tips for benefitting from a workout the most that you can.

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1. establish a routine

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whether you like to raise your heartbeat with cardio, work with weights, or take part in a weekly class, establish a routine that you want to do and that you enjoy! this will motivate you to workout and it won't feel as much like exercise.

2. go outside

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I personally love working out and running in the spring-summer, as it makes working out so much more refreshing and enjoyable. try to jog, cycle or walk around your neighbourhood this autumn!

3. try new things

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take part in some classes at your gym or fitness centre, and you might discover something that you love! I recently started going to spin classes and I absolutely love them

4. nutrition is everything!

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keep up the good work after your gym session has ended, and remember to eat healthily as well. this will make you feel so much better after your workout, because you know that you haven't reversed it all with junk food

5. stretch and meditate

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it's so important to take time to stretch your muscles after exercise, especially after doing cardio. you may want to meditate after as well to prepare for your day and be in a healthy mindset

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