Hi Guys! Today I come with another article in colaboration with @TheRedShadow
This time we are going to talk about 5 movies we would love to be in. Hope you like it, and remember to follow our profiles. Thank you, and...Let´s begin!

1. The Kissing Booth.
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How doesn´t want a best friend, how really loves you, and also a cute and nice boyfriend? But also a independent protagonist, that choose her own decissions, and don´t need that anyone protects her. I think is the perfect conbination.

2. Divergent.
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I read the divergent books a year ago, and it is certainly one of my favorite sagas.
I think Theo James and Shailene Woodley acted great, and I admire them a lot.
I would be in this movie because I love the factions...I would choose Dauntless!
Also I think it would be great to help the divergents. I would definitely like to be in the movie.

3. The Martian.
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I know you´ll think I´m crazy but I´d like to step on Mars and work at NASA.
Although that meant having to think about how survive day after day…

4. Peter Pan
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I can´t express in words how much I like Peter Pan. As I would like to travel to Neveland and
not grow anymore.

5. Harry Potter.
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And of course, Harry Potter. Live in Hogwarts, be a gryffindor, learn magic and fight Voldemort followers…

Hey lovely friends, Dayra here, it is my turn to show you my five movies I wish to live in, so here we go:

1. Divergent
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For me the books and the movies are life, they made me feel like I am not alone, I'm just like Tris, I want a change in my life in others life, I want to be the change. The love story between Four and Tris is simply perfect, they love each other no matter what.

2. Mamma Mia ( 1 and 2 )
mamma mia, amanda, and amanda seyfried image donna, hollywood, and mamma mia image Abba, actors, and actresses image

If a musical life is not the answer then I don't know what can it be, to live on an island, sing everyday, dance and feel like you are the Dancing Queen it is just perfect. ABBA forever.

3. Marvel Movies ( I can't choose, I love them all )
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Super heroes movies, powers, so many situations, I accept the challenge.

4. After
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I don't know the whole story behind the books, but this first movie is just wow, their " love story" the way he get close to her, I want this.

5. Pokemon, Detective Pikachu
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Pokemon is the perfect description for my childhood so please somebody take my to the Ryme City and give me a Pikachu and other Pokemons.

This are my movies, it is hard to choose becouse I am a cinefil and I love so many movies but I hope you like it.

This is our article, the second, we will have manny in plans, so follow us and if you want sent us message we will answer.

Love you
Zarrina and Alejandra <3