Modern society has two main diet challenges: how to drink more water and how to eat more vegetables. With water there no advice, because water is life. But with vegetables. I will tell you my veggie-path with some wondering facts and advice for you. Let’s go!

First of all, regardless of all well-known benefits of vegetables, I found one more excuse, that works especially on me – colourful food looks more pretty, gives an esthetic enjoyment and not get bored. It was my first step.

The second one was to define the cases when vegetables taste the best. For example, boiled carrot tastes well but, boiled broccoli – disgusting. So, I experimented with vegetables for a 2 week and made a list of the most delicious ones.

Then, I started to cook my favourite dishes by adding them small portion of colourful vegetables. For example, Carrot Soup, Cheesy Avocado Toast, Falafel Bowl with peas, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes or spaghetti with tomatoes. I also used olive oil, sesame to add a special flavour to my meal. Highly recommend you to find some good recipes on special forums or directly on the web.

Increased the number of vegetables in my ration, I forgot about eating flashes, desires for junk food. Now, I’m so happy and I still eat only my favourite dishes without counting calories.

The main thing is to be creative. Make veggie all that you eat: noodles, sauces, bread. And be happy!