[this is my style of ghetto, you might have a different idea of it]
A great accessory masks.
-mouth masks
-full head masks

grunge image Mature image aesthetics, black, and couple image Image removed

Another feature is big, chunky shoes

nike, white, and shoes image fashion, style, and outfit image theme, shoes, and aesthetic image

When taking photos, try come up with original badass poses that would make you stand out and look cool ;)

aesthetic, body, and clothes image aesthetic, alternative, and girls image fashion, boots, and shoes image Image by K.C

Make up can be a big accessory in looking ghetto. Try thick chunky eyeliner with false eyelashes and a bold lip

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Bucket hats can change an outfit from 0 - 100 real fast!!

Other inspo

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(i put the last photo for the lols)

Thank you guys and I hope this helped ;)