𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘱𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺

what i look like:
hair, aesthetic, and brown image eyes, eye, and brown image euphoria, hbo, and rules image body image image


hair and blonde image girl, aesthetic, and grunge image
my style:
aesthetic, beauty, and clothes image fashion, girl, and outfit image clothes, women, and clothing image Temporarily removed
my favorite color
baby, necklace, and cute image boot, red, and shoes image nails, red, and diamonds image red, aesthetic, and grunge image
my fears
sky, clouds, and aesthetic image aesthetic, article, and phrases image quotes, black, and grunge image Image by Villanel
heights, being forgotten, not fulfilling my dreams, fucking the environment up for good
my personality
quotes, yellow, and words image Temporarily removed quotes, change, and motivation image Temporarily removed
my passion
ballerina, life, and pink image 30 seconds to mars, film set, and jared leto image aesthetic, indie, and photograph image art, artsy, and draw image
my dreams
travel, summer, and beach image backstage, beyoncé, and mcwt image drama, stage, and quotes image backstage, fashion, and clothes image
my favorite movie
90s, old, and The Craft image 90s, goth, and grunge image The Craft and movie image Image removed
my favorite tv show
gilmore girls and vintage image Temporarily removed aesthetic, icons, and stranger things image gilmore girls and tv show image
my favorite artists
Freddie Mercury, Queen, and brian may image Image by caitlin Temporarily removed kpop, bts, and btsarmy image
nothing is a fucking phase when you get emotionally attached
my favorite season
aesthetic, italy, and rome image legs, theme, and aesthetic image Image by nofunmimi flowers, aesthetic, and daisy image