hi! this is the official start of how to be like Disney princesses! we're starting off with my second favorite princess, jasmine.

here's a quick guide to be the modern day princess jasmine!


Jasmine has a distinct personality, it's hard to cover fully, but here's the basics!


be sassy but elegant. jasmine is a princess by blood but she still has some sass to her. be sassy but not rude, don't fall for someone too quickly.


unlike some other disney princess, jasmine can be quite catious at time. always be cautious of your surroundings and don't give into mysterious things too easy.


like all the princesses, jasmine is kind. she likes animals, she has a pet tiger, don't get a tiger obviously but be kind to animals and people!


sing! jasmine has a great singing voice, when she sings she is voiced by a young lea salonga!she's amazing! you may think you can't, but everyone can sing, with some free courses or just focusing on singing by yourself. don't copy lea's voice but improve on your own


jasmine has great style, but it's not very modern. here are some modern day jasmine type things i saw! although her blue two peice is iconic, don't forget about her other outfits from the movie you can modernize! the aladdin remake has more outfits. even if you don't like it (i wasn't a huge fan) there are more cute outfits to modernize!


fashion, girl, and inspo image aladdin, cartoons, and disney image
disney, princess jasmine, and a whole new world image Image by Deziree
disney, jasmine, and aladdin image clothes and fashion image
(wear this w a fluffy bun and it will bit so perfect)
aladdin image beige, brown, and cardigan image
(some more proof of jasmine's kindness)

that's all!
don't be exactly like her but add some of her characteristics to your personality!

(reminder: go watch aladdin, don't buy the 9,000 vhs some people are selling, vhs tapes are not worth that much, you can buy it at mercari for like 6 bucks, i bought 11 vhs tapes at my local thrift store for 8 bucks, it's not Goodwill btw but i'm sure they have tapes there, also you can just buy it on youtube or apple movies)