— hi! it's been a while since i made a kpop group tag, i've only done one for w1 and skz, here i am doing one for produce x 101 (even tho they aren't a group) idk if anyone did this, but anyways, i just got these questions in my head, feel free to use them for ur own article!

note: im crying while seeing all the trainees' faces, i miss pdx101 so much

1. how did you get into produce x 101?

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i've watched every produce season (except i didn't rlly finish pd48), but there is no way i would've missed this season even i know imma bout to cry and get hurt a bunch of times bc of eliminations. even if i dont wanna get into it, i will.

2. who caught your eye first before episodes started?

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these two really caught me hard.

3. did you stan any of the idols on the show?

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hell yeah! i stanned victon and up10tion boys! i also knew (but didn't stan) myteen boys and i love seungyoun in uniq!! also watched hangyul on the unit, and dohyun on under19 :)

4. fave songs? (concept and final)

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for concept, it's pretty girl!!! for final, it's boyness hehe

5. fave performances? (all rounds)

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1st: love shot oop- 2nd: twit, BELIEVER, yes or no. 3rd: MOVE or ssg. 4th: still boyness-

6. your bias wreckers? (not ur other biases)

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seungyoun, jinhyuk a bit, yuvin, almost dongpyo >:(

7. who were your bias(es) near the end of the show?

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when i thought it was only gonna be yohan... suddenly keumdong wanted to be up my list too after believer

8. fave friendships?

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EVERYONE. EVERY SHIP. i definitely loved dongpyo and seungwoo, junho and yohan, and yunseong and keumdong the most.

9. what did you like about produce x 101?

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i rlly like the chemistry all the trainees had with one another, they all love each other so much and i cried so hard when friendships were separated bc of eliminations,. i also loved the stages so much! they all showed how much they improved and that makes me so happy

10. what did you dislike about produce x 101?

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KNETZ LETTING HYEOP (one of the best main vocals in produce series) be eliminated, them DROPPING KEUMDONG out of top 10 in the finals, yuvin being eliminated..... minkyu not debuting when he was top 10 all this time... JUST ELIMINATIONS. I HATE THEM.

11. what was your ideal top 11?

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not in order but yohan, yuvin, hyeop, dongpyo, keumdong, seungyoun, eunsang, junho, jungmo, minkyu, yunseong (but wonjin.... and jinhyuk....)

11. did you like the final lineup?

it took me like 2 days for me to take it in bc i was really surprised with the way rankings where. like eunsang could've been higher??? im shocked but happy hangyul and dohyun made it,, i was one of those ppl that wanted seungwoo and wooseok in their own groups (bc i stan up10 and victon), but now, i don't mind it anymore!! im so happy!!! support them or die

— i hope you liked this! i'm gonna be making an x1 tag soon!!
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pogi?? pogi? pri pri! please!? priki! priki.
— lee eunsang, produce x 101, 2019.