howdy so I've done this before but I want to do it again so I'm going to. It won't be much different but whatever:

This is only for Tuesday and Thursday unfortunately because I have swim class in the middle of the day MWF so I don't think the makeup would hold up well :)

I recently bought The Ordinary's primer for like $5 and it's so good!! It fills in my pores, hydrates, and softens my skin while mattifying it the slightest bit. I highly suggest it for the price :)

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I don't use actual blush because I can't find the color I want, so I use the Etude House Dear Darling tint. I put some on the back of my hand and pick it up with a brush, and instead of putting it on the apples of my cheeks I LOVE to put it on my nose bridge and spread it out so it looks like a slight sunburn. I think it makes me look so cute ahhhhh.

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I just feel like I look better if I emphasize my freckles, I have a few but not noticable enough for me. I take my Mac Shape and Shade Brow thing and just dot it along my nose bridge and kind of follow where I put the blush, then tap it out with my finger to make it look natural :)

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I use the same product i used for freckles and just make my brow tails a bit longer and sharper, then use glossier's Boy Brow in clear to hold them in place.

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I like to contour my nose with Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, then I use that in the crease of my eye and take a darker shade of it to bronze my cheekbones and forehead

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First I use Essence's Sunlighter on my cheekbones and collarbones, this is a really pretty bronze-y highlight and it has a dewy and natural sheen which I love!! After that I use the highlighter in Elf's Beautifully Bare pallette to top off my cheekbone highlight, and use it to highlight the tip of my nose and the bridge, my eye's inner corners, top lip, and browbone. It's suuuuper natural so I can use alot.

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I always curl my lashes because I find my mascara doesn't look good if I don't. The only mascara I've found that doesn't look awful on my lashes is the glossier lash slick. I apply that to the top heavily and more sparingly on my bottom lashes.

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*Liner (ish?)
I just take an angled brush and use a dark shadow (I use the darkest one in Tarte's Toasted Pallete because it's dark enough and kind of has a purple undertone which compliments my green eyes) I run this in my lashes so it looks like my lashes are thicker, sometimes smoking it out a bit for drama.

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I use the Cherry Lipfreak buzzing chapstick that I got at King Soopers, it's super pigmented it's almost a lipstick, so I pat it on just to give a bit more color. Since it's a buzzing chapstick it acts as a plumper and makes my lips look bigger. After that I always use the Laniege Lip Sleeping mask in the center of my lips as a sort of gloss.

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*Setting Spray
I'm not picky about setting sprays so I just use the Milani Make it Last Setting Spray. It's not bad but I don't think it does that much.

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That's it loves!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure why I wrote this but whatever!! I truly hope you enjoyed and got some good product recommendations!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333