every outfit i see for school nowadays are not appropriate and will automatically get you sent to the principal. i love dressing up and trying different styles, because it makes me feel good. +being in an outfit that makes you uncomfortable at school sucks, we've all been there. here are some inspo outfits for back to school season uwu!!

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flare plaid pants with a simple but cute shirt that matches(!!)
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long sleeved shirt with layered tank top with jeans
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it's also color code in a unique way. as you can see in the photo, her hair, shoes, jewelry, and part of her skirt is black. the cardigan and part of her skirt is blue. obviously wear tank top that covers your mid drift and that skirt is long enough. detail and matching colors is key.
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if you ever have that one dress you're obsessed with but can never wear because of it's straps? throw a cardigan over it that matches the dress, or layer it a longer sleeved shirt that also matches.