charlotte eloise lang

april 22, 2001

scott lang, maggie lang

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charlotte was born in san francisco to the lang family. at three years old she started to develop an interest in art. at eight years old she started playing volleyball. after scott was caught and put in prision she went to visit him every sunday. charlie and cassie wrote him letters very often.


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charlotte has mediu lenght brown hair. her skin is fair even though she spends a lot of time in the sun (sometimes she likes to get a tan). her eyes are a light shade of green. she has a muscular body due to volleyball and she's 5'6.


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charlie's favorite color is light blue. she mostly wears light blue and yellow but she also wears other colors. her style is fresh and summery since she lives in california. she loves sneakers and sandals. denim shorts are her essentials.


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she's very optimistic and always tries to see the bright side of everything. she's a natural comedian and she likes to make people laugh. she always wears a smile and when she's not feeling like smiling she makes other people smile. she's very kind and is always spreading good vibes and advise. it's hard to make her angry.


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like her father, she has a suit that makes her shrink or grow in size. while scott was on prison charlie got recuited by dr. hank pym to help him, and together made a suit for her.


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scott and maggie are her parents. cassie is her little sister. hank pym and hope van dyne are her mentors. paxton is her stepfather.


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she's friends with every girl in her volleyball team. arabella stark became one of her closest friends. ants are her all time best friends.

love interest

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peter parker.


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kristine froseth


—she's vegetarian.
—her favorite season is summer.
—she loves spending sunrises on the beach.
—pop is her favorite music genre.
—alongside her dad she fought in cap's side.
—her superhero name is stature.
—she loves van gogh.
—she got dusted in infinity war.

"Yikes! Sorry. I didn't mean to punch you that hard, sir."


charlotte lang appears in tales of sacrifice

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