Favorite Male Group

bts, jimin, and jungkook image
i feel like my favorite will always be bts, as cheesy as it is i feel the need to say it.

Favorte Female Group

twice, kpop, and momo image girl group, group, and joy image
i don't really know, it changes too often to say one specific group but probably twice or red velvet

Male Ultimate Bias

i am so indecisive so obviously i have to say 3.

Image by Lara aesthetic, felix, and idol image
jimin and jungkook from bts, felix from stray kids

Female Ultimate Bias

red velvet and wendy image asian, nayeon, and girl image
i honestly feel the need to say nayeon from twice but i also like wendy from red velvet so i don't know

Best Song of all time

kpop, layout, and bts image
honestly i feel the need to say DNA by BTS

Favorite Male Group Song

jaehyun, kwangjin, and n.flying image
right now i feel like Rooftop by N.flying is my favorite song, i listen to it so much

favorite Female Group Song

Image removed kpop, mv, and everglow image
i have listened to zimzalabim by red velvet so much lately but today everglow had their comeback and i really like hush and i feel like it's taking over now

Song that got you into Kpop

jin, rm, and bts image
i don't think i have a song but if i had to choose probably FAKE LOVE by BTS

Song Thats Always Stuck in your Head

jaemin, jisung, and chenle image
BOOM by NCT DREAM, i literally sing it all the time

Favorite Male Soloist

jay park image
i like jay park the most

Favorite Female Soloist

sunmi and chungha image
i can't choose between Sunmi and Chung Ha they both are so talented!

Favorite Debut song

txt, taehyun, and soobin image
I really liked TXT's debut song CROWN

Best Male Vocalist

bts, jimin, and park jimin image
hmm i seem so biased towards bts but i really love jimins voice so much, his high notes are so heavenly, and a song where he sounds so heavenly is DREAM GLOW by BTS nut then ofc promise is so beautiful but that's not the point now

Best Female Vocalist

chungha, aesthetic, and kpop image chungha, kpop, and snap image
I love Chung Ha's voice so much so i feel like i have to go with her.

Best Disbanded Group

kpop, pink, and wonder girls image
oh i really miss Wonder Girls so much!

Best Male Dancer

Image by chinOz tV
hands down hoseok is my favorite, it's so appealing to watch him dance!

Best Female Dancer

korean, kpop, and izone image
definetly Chaeyeon from IZ*ONE, she's so talented i love her dancing so much!

Most Underrated group

vav, kpop, and ace image
hmm i don't really know too many underrated groups but i really love VAV, definitely check them out if you haven't already

Best Male rapper

stray kids, changbin, and skz image
Honestly i have so many, i'm gonna control myself from writing too many so i'll just say Changbin from stray kids

Best Female Rapper

2ne1 and CL image girl, korean, and pretty image
i don't really love that many female rappers but i really like CL and hyuna

Favourite Senior Group

super junior, suju, and donghae image
okay i don't really like any senior groups that much anymore but it would probably be super junior.

Favourite Rookie Group

kpop and ateez image
i had to think about this for a little while but but it's definitely ateez

Best Male Group Choreography

kpop, stray kids, and side effects image
i don't know why but i really really love side effects choreography so much

Best Female Group Choreography

itzy, kpop, and lia image
honestly itzy's icy is really good

Best Duo

ten, nct, and kpop image
i really love ten and taeyong's baby don't stop ngl

Best Subunit

idol, johnny, and mark image
i like nct 127 the most, there's that

Best Live Performance

Image removed
okay so i love choreography performances so much, but i have an exception now, i really wanna say that i love "time of our life" by day6 because they seem so happy and excited about performing it and it always makes me so happy watching it, i love them so much!

Best Cover Performance

bts, jimin, and jungkook image
i am a sucker for perfect man covered by bts

What Song Do You Dislike

blackpink, kpop, and lisa image
i don't think i really dislike any songs, i do like almost anything. like yes i have not liked several songs at first but then they've grown on me right now i don't have a song i dislike

Last Music Video you Watched

joy, red velvet, and irene image
Umpah Umpah by red velvet.

Thank you so much for reading! love yoouu!