Hi everyone ! So today I'm back for my first back to school article of the year (my first back to school article ever actually !) I don't know if it's gonna be the only one but for this one I'm gonna tell you my hacks to be a morning person.

. Remember that I’m french so sorry in advance for bad english
. Si tu es francais(e) n’hésite pas à aller sur mon profil je vais bientôt publier cet article en français.

The biggest part of the hacks are inspired by a video of the beautiful Noemie https://www.youtube.com/user/noemiemakeuptouch


Being a morning person starts the day before. Without that it will be way more difficult. Try if you don't believe me haha this really change it all.


Meditate will help you make a point on your day, let of the steam, calm down. Meditation slows down the flow of your thoughts which is very important. An overdose of thoughts (happy or not) is what brings stress, some kinds of anxieties... Controlling your thoughts is what will litteraly change your life but this is an other subject. Meditate is not about stopping your thoughts but slow down their flow. I will probably make an article about meditation but until then there are many videos or books about it for you. You need time to learn to meditate well.

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take a warm shower

Don't burn your skin but dose enough warmth to relax your muscles and the tension of the day.

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don't eat too heavy

Eating lightly will rest you stomach and help you to sleep better. Don't starve yourself of course nourish your body !

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drink an infusion

This will drain everything you ate through your body (perfect if you took the "2 donuts for the price of 1" 😉), the warmth will confort you and prepare your body to the night. Don't drink it too late or you're gonna want too pee while your in your bed which is very "chiant" like we say in french (I couldn't find an appropriated translation haha). Drink it like one hour before going to sleep minimum. I advise you chamomile, it's very good for the night (calm down most generally) and have very good vertues for your body as soothing mentrual pain, treating a sore throat, boosting and taking care of your digestive system...

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program a calm alarm

To just avoid the morning anger due to chock of the tremendous alarm. It's not actually that loud but when you sleep like, the noise of anything feels really huge. For example you can select natural noises like waves.

By the way, it's funny how the sound of a tiny bug flying can ruin your night but sometime you can't even hear your clock.

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To resolve the problem mentioned earlier. Visualise yourself waking up at the time you want, being in a good mood, succeed your day... anything you want to accomplish. Visualization is an other great stuff to reach your goals. I've already seen articles about it I think, if you don't find any there are plenty of videos about it.

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put your phone far from your bed

So you can't snooze automatically and ruin all the process. And you'll be more awake.

turn off every screen one hour before going to sleep

You know that

spray lavender on your bed

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check it's not too hot in your room

Don't freeze it but make sure you're not too hot because that will disrupt your night.


Sorry but this will be harder lol

do not snooze

Please don't. DO NOT SNOOZE ! NEVER !!
I agree more than anyone that this the most tempting and instinctive thing to do, but it will just really ruin it all if you succumb. Snoozing is very violent for you and stressing because
1)between two ringings you don't get real restorating sleep but you're in a drowsiness so this is useless you won't sleep more in ten minutes everytime.
2)you'll feel like you've missed your morning and this sucks
3)it causes stress that may last all the day because of the agressive and repeating ringing every ten minutes. You better hear it only one time (and choose it well like said upthere). Plus, when you will finally wake up after snoozing God knows how many times, you will be late on what you had "planned" (if we can say it like that because it's a bit stressing) and won't do want you wanted to do before work and be stressed...

Got it ? Snoozing is bad.

Wow writing this paragraphe was so stressing

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don't rush yourself as soon as you wake up

At the moment you wake up, don't put pressure on you to feel full of energy as soon as you open your eyes. There is a state between sleep and awaken when you're tired and everything... It's normal don't avoid it at all costs. Ttake your time. Everything is fine. Do it step by step.

drink water

It like wakes you up inside.

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open your window

There is nothing better than day light to wake you kindly. If it's too much, open
it just a little step by step etc... If you wake up when the sun is still down, enjoy sunrise (btw this is really cool, you'll feel so in advance of the day, the world) and swich on a weak light and with time you'll naturally want more light and switch on more strong lights.

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make your bed

So you can't go back in it. Also, when you'll come back from school/work you'll feel so satisfied that you can just throw yourself in a bed made.

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find a motivation source

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This really will wake your entire body up. Don't push youreld too hard this will have the opposite effect.

Be indulgent with yourself, accept what you can do, and gently manage day by day to reach your goals without puting too much preassure on you. And this is relevant or every physical activity. Torture your mind at every difficulty won't make you nail it. You certainely need to believe in yourself, a lot of motivation and (smart) work. This totally different. And do sport for you and only you. For your body and mental health, if you don't this will become rude for you, you won't enjoy it and just feel bad.

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take a cool shower


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be patient

Being totally ok with mornings takes time. Don't give up if this doesn't work for the first days or if you're very tired. The key is to NOT SNOOZE once again and to visualize. Give your body some time to get used to a new routine. Our body needs weeks before being 100% ok with waking up at a certain time. Especially if like me you usely wake up very late. I'd say that the first 5days/ first week are/is the hardest. And don't create a too big gap in the weekend, this will be even harder in the monday. And you'll body will have much more difficulties to accomodate.

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for the anxiety

If like me you have anxieties, take a time whenever you feel it comming (whatever it is) to think about what was the trigger, was it worth the feeling (be realy realistic, down to earth), what can you do to control it all. I'm not a psychologist but this is a quick advice. And remember anxiety can be treated by a psychologist. Find the good one and it will change your life. Really. There is absolutly not any shame. The biggest part of people see one. Everyone can see a psychologist for any problem, important or not, or even just to understand yourself better, even if you don't have any problem, or any that you want to treat. They receive everyone for every thing and never judge. Find the one who is good for you.

And remember : You are strong, You can control everything you are feeling.
You are not your thoughts. You are the being who thinks.

I know night, routine, sleep, can be some kind of trigger. But you trully really can control it !

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Thanks for reading ! I loved writing this article so I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you’ll come back ! See you in the next article !

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