It's that time of the year again: back to school! It can be a very stressful time, especially if you're like me, packing to move into residence.
I find everything much easier with a list, or several. I make sure I have everything I want and then double check to make sure it's all ready to go.
I'm sharing my grand checklist with you as a guide or if you think you may have forgotten something. Everyone has different things that they find are essentials and different schools have different requirements, but I hope this will help you out on where to get started!

Important documents
-health card
-ID, social insurance info
-financial papers/info
-info sheets

-laundry soap/pods
-dryer sheets
-laundry hamper/basket
-hygiene products
-shaving cream
-nail clippers
-nail file
-nail polish & remover
-hair brush
-hair elastics/accessories
-small rubber band hair elastics
-hair dryer
-tooth brush
-tooth paste
-lip balm
-makeup/face routine items
-dental wear items (retainer, braces cleaner)
-bedding/winter blankets
-pillows (decorative and non-decorative), pillowcases
-mattress cover
-laptop (laptop case, laptop desk)
-phone charger, spare or portable charger

Clothes >consider basic wear, outings, active wear and formal/business casual wear
-underwear (bras)
-jackets (rain, winter, etc.)
-socks (plain, heel, etc.)
-fuzzy socks (comfy wear)
-bathing suit
-slippers (easy to slip on shoes)
-shower shoes
-hat, mittens and scarf for colder weather
-jewellery, jewellery storage

-water bottle
-recreational activity equipment (musical instruments, sports gear, boredom busters, art supplies)
-small medical things (cough drops, band aids, etc.)
-alarm clock/wall clock
-bug spray/itch cream
-dishes (as well as food containers for on the go snacks)
(cups, mugs, plates, bowls)
-silverware (forks, knives, spoons)
-mini fridge
-full length mirror
-organizers (containers, bins)
-broom, dustpan
-spray bottle
-glasses case/cleaner
-backpack (as well as a bag for travel)
-garbage bags
-drawer liners/organizers
-lint roller
-shoe mat
-lamp (for bedside)
-extension cord
-combo lock/bike lock
-décor (photos, lights, wall décor)
-command strips/hooks

-pens (black, blue, erasable)
-binder dividers
-paper clips
-coiled notebooks
-loose leaf/lined paper
-blank paper
-printer (if you don't have easy access to a public one)
-whiteboard markers/eraser
-colourful pens/markers
-sticky notes/notepads
-page flags/markers
-hole puncher
-glue stick/glue/double sided tape
-sticky tack
-usb sticks/hard drives
-graph paper
-notes from previous school years can be helpful

-noodles in a cup
-granola bars
-fruit cups
-candy, chocolate bars
-peanut butter
-hot chocolate/coffee/tea
-cereal, milk

Check out what your school has and what can be bought & brought at different times of the year, as well as what can be shared!
Let me know if I forgot anything essential or if you have any suggestions.
What do you always remember to have with you?

This list may seem extra, but you'll figure out what you really need in your first week or two. I'm going into my second year of living away at university. Let me know if you'd like to see more articles here about my uni/back to school experience & tips!