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1. Who was the last person you held hands with ?

That was my boyfriend yersterday, when we were on his couch. I had to leave him for 3 days and normally I see him everyday :(
So I didn't wanted to go, he was cuddling me and omg i felt like I was on a cloud...
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2. Which planet is your favourite ?

My favorite planet is Saturn, for her colours and her form. She's not like the others. I found this planet beautiful even if I never saw her.
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3. What kind of people are you attracted to?

Well, it's kind of weird because I'm with someone who I wasn't attracted at all at the beginning. Now I'm totally in love of him and I find him beautiful with his freckles, his little eyes and his fucking smile. The only thing I "don't like" is his size because he's little bit smaller than me, just a little but I always liked men taller than me. The fact that I fell in love with him is his mentality (and how he is w me).
Physically, I like dark hair, clear eyes and I looooove freckles omg ! I love when they are taller than me, a bit strong with large hands ahah I know that can be weird said like that.
Mentally, I like people who are ambitious, like to do things and sometimes stay at home to watch movies in peace. I like people shy but also sure of themselves. Funny, always happy and carrying.
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4. Are you easy to get along with ?

I'm shy at the beginning with people I don't know but it's really easy to get along with me. I'm always smiling and I like to listen people talking about what they love. When you want to do something, I'm here !
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5. Have you ever liked someone & never told them ?

Of course ! If I told it to every boy I liked in my life I don't know how my sentimental life would have turned...
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6. What's your go to pickup line ?

I didn't really understand the question but if I'm right I think for me it's just a simple "hey" or with my friend it's "Holà les moussaillons !" that means "Hi buccaneers" in spanish and french 😂

7. What animal would you like to be ?

I would like to be a fox, or maybe a wolf or a panther ahah I don't really know but be a predator would be great and live in a jungle even more.
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8. What do you do when you wake up ?

When I wake up, I always try to sleep again ahah then I go on instagram and snapchat before I go to the toilet then go to work.
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9. What colour are most of your socks ?

In fact I can't tell only one colour because pratically all my socks have at least 3 colours on them. But I have two or three pairs of white socks.
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10. What are your 5 favourite girls' names ?

Cassiopée - Louisa - Lena - Octavia - Danaë

11. Do you prefer day or night ? Why ?

I can't really explain but I prefer night. I feel like it's more peaceful and there is less people when it's late.

12. What was your favourite middle-school teacher like ?

It was in fact the only teacher I liked. Mrs Garcia my teacher of plastic art. She was always liking what I was doing, letting me do what I wanted and that was my favorite subject.

13. What would your dream partner be like?

I would like a dream partner who will have the same personality as me. Like that we could understand eachother without any problem. But I would prefer if he was fearless.
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14. Write a few line story about your life at the age of 9 and at the age of 69.

9: I don't really remember about this time, in fact that's been 10 year's old I had 9. I was at school in CM1 and I had a lot of friend during this time. I did a representation of Carmen with the school. I started to do horse-riding in a club. My mom cut my hair sooooo short without the same size, that was awful ! I'm sure I did some mischiefs with my siblings like always.
69: I would love to be in a little house with the love of my life in a little country. I would cook for my grandkids, take care of all the animals I would have and watering my plants. But I'm only 19 and I didn't travelled in time to see how I will be at 69 so I'll see...

15. What are your 5 favourite boys' names ?

Manolo - Noam - Zachary - Dario - James

16. What's your zodiac sign ?

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17. Do you have trust issues ?

Omg yes ! When I don't know someone I'm always watching him to see how he is, how he acts, ... I'm constantly on my guard even with my friends but not so much with my closest friends and my family.

18. Who was the last person you had a meaningful conversation with ?

I think that was with my bf when we were talking about his family and the real problems he had with.

19. Do you believe in magic ?

What is that question ? Of course I believe in magic. I believe there is magic everywhere, not necessarily like in the movies but when someone is watching someone they love, in the eyes of the children when they're looking at something they want... But I'm a big child so I think witches, dragons and mermaids exist.

20. What are your 3 favourite songs right now ?

Therapie TAXI ft. Roméo Elvis - Hit Sale
Axelle Red - Sensualité
Roméo Elvis - Soleil

(Yes this is french songs)

21. When you were 7, what you wanted to be when you're grown up ?

I wanted to be a veterinary (but I learned that I had to study 7 years after high school so now I work with horses).
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22. Who is on your mind right now? Why?

I'm thinking about my bf because I'm listening love songs :)

23. Have you ever wished to be someone else ?

When I was young I wanted to be my sister because she was not shy like me and well it's my big sister so it's a little bit understanding.

24. If you could go back in time and change one thing you've done, what would it be ?

I think I would never have say to someone I loved him because at the final that made me cry, feel weak and broken... Maybe it's because of this story that I didn't wanted to fall in love during all these years.
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25. Pick up the first book you see, open it to page 41, what's the first line on that page ?

That's the book my mom is reading actually so it's "L'amie du diable by Peter Robinson" (Devil's friend).
"Malheureusement, on ne peut pas y toucher. Tenez, laissez-moi faire..."
"Unfortunately, we can't touch this. Look, let me do it..."

That's all ! I hope you liked it and I wish you a good day :)