alternative, earring, and heart image Temporarily removed
buy a heart shaped hoop earrings I also bought a star shaped ones and they're both soo cute I love 'em
girl, art, and mirror image Image by 𝖍𝖆𝖌𝖝
paint a mirror
spongebob and pretty patties image Temporarily removed
make pretty patties
memories, bad, and box image Temporarily removed
order a mystery box from a random site
Image removed angel, pink, and aesthetic image
wear an angel wings
alien, black, and male image mermaid, grunge, and black and white image
go to unusual toilet
pink, aesthetic, and silk image pink, bed, and grunge image
sleep on silk bedsheets and pillowcase
face, funny, and music image cake, darling, and face image
get 'pied' in a face
japan, tokyo, and train image aesthetic, calm, and cloudy image
ride on a train overnight
aesthetic, brown, and cafe image aesthetic, chip, and chocolate image
have a jar filled with chocolate chip cookies