hi ! i'm back with another article. this one will be about everything i'll buy or i need to do before getting back to school !
just so you know this year i'll be in freshman year of college, in France it's L1.

1. a new kanken

blue and fjallraven kanken image green, aesthetic, and book image
i'm gonna buy myself a green one, the first one i got was the blue one (left pic) and i have a brown one. i would like the green one to be a size bigger than the regular kanken i have.

2. stuff to organise my desk

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i'm going to go to the muni store we have in paris to get everything i need in order to organise my desk ! i want something really minimalistic for my desk because my room is already really colorful. i'm really excited about this !

3. stickers

college, doodle, and journaling image stickers image
sooo i looove stickers ! i'm currently buying a ton from "suatelier" on etsy ! their stickers are sooo cute, perfect for the vibe i want for mu bujo this year !

4. water bottle

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i need a new water bottle BUT not in plastic ! ya girl has to protect the planet !

5. pencil case

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new year = new pencil case ! i need a new one but i don't know which type, left or right ???

6. scrunchies

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who doesn't need scrunchies ? i've had mines for almost 2 years now and it's time for me to buy new ones !

7. a new bag

Image by $HAYLA🍒 fashion, luxury, and bag image
i was working this summer & i became an adult so i have many new papers i need to always have on me and i realized my current bag was to little ! i think i'll go on the Champs Élysées to find a new one !

8. tote bags

aesthetic, kawaii, and minimalist image art, beige, and coffee image
i absolutely love tote bags ! i have a few but they're not really cute, people gave them to me. i recently bought a really cute one, it's green and relax is written on it, it's handmaid in Bonifacio in Corse ! i would like to buy some others, maybe in a thrift store in paris, who knows ?

9. new clothes

fashion, outfit, and style image style, fashion, and outfit image
i woud definite my style as colorful, grunge, vintage and kfashion inspired. i loove colors and don't hesitate to mix them. i'll try for the first time to go thrifting into paris. it's been a while since i wanted to try this but i hadn't had the opportunity.

10. macbook case

autumn, case, and decor image Temporarily removed
i had a blue one but it was bad quality so it broke :/ but since i'm going to university this year i'll need my mac everyday so i need to buy a new one.

11. a moleskine bujo

bujo and bullet journal image bullet journal and bujo image
i've been bullet journaling for two years now and i know i like the minimalistic style ! so i want to buy a moleskine with dots because i've only had lines notebooks and i don't like it :/

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this is the end of this article, i hope you enjoyed this ! if you guys want me to do a "backpack tour" leave a like ! thanks to all the new followers and readers ! luv you guys ! ♡

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