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ℳandy ♔
ℳandy ♔

1 | 6 TV shows

Image removed Image removed Image removed the big bang theory, penny, and sheldon image lethal weapon image ncis image
Grey's anatomy, How I met your mother, Bones, The big bang theory, Lethal weapon, Navy CIS

2 | 6 movies

iron man, tony stark, and iron man 3 image Image removed love, pearl harbor, and couple image Temporarily removed deadpool and Marvel image paul walker, rip, and fast and furious image
Ironman triology (can't decide), Source Code, Pearl Harbour, Mamma Mia (both of them), Deadpool, The fast and the furious (all of them, apart from Tokyo Drift)

3 | 6 Animated movies

smile, despicable me, and just smile image Image removed Temporarily removed frozen, elsa, and anna image doll and barbie image mulan, disney, and mushu image
Despicable me 1, Monster AG, Tangled, Frozen, Barbie (a few ones, especially 12 dancing princesses & Rock'n'Royals), Mulan

4 | 6 female characters

nebula, karen gillan, and guardians of the galaxy image amanda seyfried, dancing queen, and aborto image bones, booth, and emily image pretty, raquelle, and barbie image Temporarily removed Image removed
Nebula, Sophie Sheridan, Temprance Brennan, Raquelle, Arizona Robins, Abby Sciuto

5 | 6 male characters

deadpool and Marvel image greys anatomy and jackson avery image Image removed Image removed bull and jason bull image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Deadpool, Jackson Avery, Alex Karev, Danny Walker, Jason Bull, Jasper Hale/Cullen

6 | 6 Ships

grey's anatomy, alex karev, and justin chambers image angela, bass, and jack image how i met your mother, himym, and lily aldrin image Adrien, Chat Noir, and devianART image 10 things i hate about you, heath ledger, and Julia Stiles image Temporarily removed
Alex & Joe, Angela & Jack, Marshall & Lily, Marinette & Adrien, Bianca & Cameron, Bella & Edward

7 | 6 Friendships

Image removed grey's anatomy, christina yang, and meredith image how i met your mother, himym, and ted mosby image Image removed Avengers, chris evans, and Marvel image fast and furious, brian o'conner, and letty ortiz image
Meredith & Alex, Meredith & Cristina, Ted & Marshall, Danny & Rafe, the Avenger Squad, Letty & Brian

8 | 6 Female actresses

amanda seyfried, pretty, and actress image tequila, grey's anatomy, and jessica capshaw image Academy Awards, actor, and actress image Burberry, fashion, and fun image Image removed Image by monique <3
Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Capshaw, Meryl Streep, Judie Dench, Camilla Luddington, Shailene Woodley

9 | 6 male actors

robert downey jr, sexy, and black and white image Hot, kilt, and kevin mckidd image Image by morris caudill jesse williams image pancakes, the rock, and funny image Temporarily removed
Robert Downey Jr., Kevin McKidd, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jesse Williams, Dwayne "the rock" Johnson, Wilmer Valderrama

10 | 6 casts

Avengers, cast, and Marvel image Image removed grey and greys anatomy image paul walker, Vin Diesel, and fast and furious image Temporarily removed game of thrones, cast, and Natalie Dormer image
Avengers, How I met your Mother, Grey's Anatomy, The fast and the furious, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones

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