I started this drama with my friend on the recommendation of Bangtan.
There are about 6 episodes left for me to watch on this show, but quite often than not it has hit me close to home.
'Sky Castle' is a South Korean Drama which follows the lives of four families who live in a luxurious condo complex, their children being raised to become the very best of the nation, often then not competing against each other. In order to reach this, the kids are put under immense pressure to study and do well, their parents often priding their kids only on their academic results.
It gets intense. People die, kids run away saying they were sorry for being born because they couldn't learn properly. Everyone is after each other to see what their "secret formular" to success is. The tension rises quickly and more often than not, Woo-Joo's family and Woo-Joo's mother's quest to uncover and report on the truth of the pressure of their country's school system and Young-Jae's tragedy is a fresh of breath air.

Told from a different perspective, it can easily be seen as a horror movie. What parent would want their kids to go through that kind of pressure? In the case of Ye-Seo, go as far as get a coordinator - who at this point of writing this article has yet to unfold her full intentions but spoiler alert! if it's anything like what happened to Young Jae or the man who was briefly mentioned also having the same coordinator as Yeo Seo, it won't end well.
While it may seemed farfetched too many, there are a lot of aspects that one can resonate with.
There are so many things a person can talk about while watching this show. The way it is shot, the themes it catches on, how the rivalry between the doctors feel so lighthearted in comparison to the show (To this day, my friend and I joke about the AOA 'Bingle-Bangle' scene during dance practice)
The intense pressure. The fear of failing. Something that follows students all the time, even more so going closer towards their college entrance exam, A-Levels, etc.
There is a small story arch where the daughter of one of the doctor's returns home from Harvard, only for them to realise that she was never a Harvard student. One of the things the daughter mentions is how to her dad, she was only ever a grade to be proud about and she never really had a life outside of that.
With the accumulation of this school year and while watching this, I came to the realisation that you need to know what and who you are. There was a long time where I was able to pride myself on my achievements, but sometimes you give out both mentally and physically. You're and a crossroad and everything you've wanted seems like it's at the tip of the cliff. What good does doing all of this strict norms of going off to college, university, getting a job and then getting married will do if I'ver never lived? Never knew what I really wanted to do in live?

I already know that the series doesn't really have a good ending (in writing terms) but I look forward to finishing the show before the new school year.