How sweet a child's smile!
Simple, like that of a cherub angel.
God's light in eternal hope,
In a world of peace, beautiful as a garden.

baby, bike, and flowers image child and flower image

A child's smile is true,
Pure and tender as a flower.
Divine gift, is completely innocent,
Revealing noble feelings d'amor ...

baby, bike, and dress image beautiful, flowers, and girl image

That exude from deep in your heart,
Radiating peace for our good life,
Awakening to us full contemplation,
It is God's own face to bless us.

child image Image by 𝐹𝐴_𝑅𝐴193 ོ

A child's smile comes from the soul,
That's why it enchants us with your confidence,
Sensitivity, docility. Your being calms down.
How sweet is the smile of a child!

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