these are some of my favorite lyrics from songs from various artists, enjoy ♥

“I see ocean, l see desert, I see the world, everything, same thing, different name, It's life again”
Sea - BTS

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"this is a modern fairytale, no happy ending, no wind in our sails, but I can't imagine a life without breathless moments breaking me down."
The Heart Wants What it Wants - Selena Gomez

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"I need you more than words can say, you save me in ways that I can't explain"
More Than Words - Little Mix ft. Kamille

"Oh no, did I get too close?
Oh, did I almost see what's really on the inside?
All your insecurities
All the dirty laundry
Never made me blink one time"
Unconditionally - Katy perry

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"I blame myself I broke my own heart loving you"
All Day And All Night - Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, Madison Beer

"I know that you're afraid I'm gonna walk away
Each time the feeling fades"
Bad at Love - Halsey

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"Just a holy fool, oh baby it's so cruel I fell in love with judas baby"
Judas - Lady Gaga

"Pay no mind to what the doubters all say
I'mma be around forever, always
You can bet on it"
Bet - Tinashe

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"It's never easy to be chosen, never easy to be called
Standing on the front line when the bombs start to fall
I can see the heavens but I still hear the flames
Calling out my name"
Who am I living For - Katy Perry

"Must be the weather
Nothing lasts forever
And if something to fight for is what you're needing
Remember - this is just another season
Just another season"
Another season - Tinashe

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"Don't worry 'bout me
You should worry 'bout you, yeah, yeah
Keep doing what you do best, babe
That's loving only yourself, babe"
Don't worry about me - Zara Larsson

"You ain't my boyfriend
And I ain't your girlfriend
But you don't want me to see nobody else
And I don't want you to see nobody"
Boyfriend - Ariana Grande and Social House

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"Surround me, body and soul
Pull me into your glow, make me blush
Unbound me, spin me in gold
As the story unfolds in your touch"
Hypnotised - Years and Years

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"Everyone's been wearing your perfume
Everything is reminding me of you"
All the time - Zara Larsson

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"Tell me something girl, are you happy in this modern world?"
Shallow - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

"To me you are very precious
You can tell me today was tough
I am here, you suffered a lot
I love you
I will hug you"

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"Hope you’re happy loving someone else even though you barely love yourself"
Salt - Tinashe

"Live off of you
'Cause you're mine oxygen"
Oxygen - Jackson Wang

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“Almost, almost is never enough
So close to being in love
If I would have known that you wanted me
The way I wanted you
Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart
But right here in each others arms”
Almost Is Never Enough - Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes

“Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger”
Dancing With A Stranger - Sam Smith, Normani Kordei

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"I'm triggered, when I see your face
Triggered, when I hear your name
Triggered, I am not okay
You need to stay out my way"
Triggered - Jhené Aiko

"And he see the universe when I'm the company
It's all in me"
God is a woman - Ariana Grande

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"You know it all
You’re my best friend
The morning will come again
No darkness, no season is eternal"
Spring Day - BTS

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